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Sometimes in life you meet your hero and your response is “Well, that was a huge disappointment.” Other times they seem larger than life. Well, meeting Sylvia Aimerito was definitely like the second scenario for me. I had grown up listening to Sylvia on the radio. She was one of my favorite djs and I loved listening to her on K-EARTH. Even though, I was a 70’s kid and K-EARTH played songs mostly from the 50’s and 60’s back then (today I think they go up to the 80’s) there was something about that music and Sylvia Aimerito that had me hooked. So imagine my surprise when I found out years later Sylvia was not only  a great entertainer but a pro-life Christian. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

Sylvia and her business and ministry partner, Lori Rae Martin are a rarity in any field. For they just don’t talk about saving children, they actually do it. They have been a God-send to crisis pregnancy centers and unborn children. So I decided I wanted to introduce you to these champions of unborn children everywhere. We will start off with simple introductions and then we will get into the interview I had with Sylvia regarding her and Lori’s company AudioGirls.

Sylvia Aimerito is executive director of AudioGirl Ministries, a “bold and active voice for the unborn.”  Co-founded with her business partner Lori Rae Martin in 2009, these “AudioGirls” using an effective three-part strategy of prayer, action, and education, their pro-life team and supporters have helped to save over 1,000 babies from abortion.
Sylvia, in addition to serving as Executive Director for the ministry, is a full-time voice over actress whose voice can be heard on countless commercials, infomercials, and video games. A 25-year veteran of radio, some may have most recently heard her voice on K-EARTH 101, where she was a DJ for over 10 years.

Lori, a former singer at Disneyland and elementary, high school, and university music educator, serves as Creative Director of AudioGirl Ministries. A producer, recording engineer, and published composer, her music can be heard on a best-selling album, The Living Stations of the Cross, “I Thirst” and numerous commercials, TV shows, and video games including: The Travel Channel, Stater Bros., and Minecraft.

As co-founders of AudioGirl Productions, an audio and video production company, they’ve merged their entertainment production skills with being outspoken advocates for life — creating educational and inspirational pro-life content.

My Interview with Sylvia 

  1. You were a well known L.A radio broadcaster for 25 years. Why did you decide to switch to running Audio Girl?

Sylvia AimeritoWell, I didn’t really switch.  I had been doing voice overs for many years during my time on L.A. radio.  I had both an L.A. agent and a San Diego agent (still do) and was working steadily (still am!).  It was in 1997 that Lori and I decided to pool our talents and form AudioGirl Productions.  You see, I had a number of voice over clients who were interested in music for their projects so I would suggest they contact Lori, who’s a successful composer.  Lori, on the other hand, had clients who were looking for voice talent and sheAusdioGirl Prodwould recommend me.  Forming AudioGirl Productions just seemed like the smart thing to do…and it was.  We run a very successful company that supplies voice over, vo casting, music from our AGP music library or custom created, copywriting, video production, complete commercial production for radio, TV, the web.  Our website is

  1.  AudioGirl is both a pro-life ministry and a production company, have you ever lost a production client because of the ministry aspect of your company? How do you make the two co-exist?

We haven’t lost a client that we know of.  Of course we firmly believe that we’re doing God’s pro-life work and that He will continue to bring clients to our production company.   He assures that the two co-exist.

  1. What part of your ministry do you consider most vital to saving unborn children’s lives?

Prayer!  It’s the foundation of our ministry.  We began with a monthly Rosary and prayerMass for Life in July of 2009, which we have the first Sunday of every month at St. Cornelius in Long Beach. The Rosary is at 4:30 pm followed by Mass at 5 pm. You can get directions on our website under the Prayer tab.  At the Rosary and Mass for Life, we pray for an end to abortion, for women searching for healing from their abortion, for the men of lost fatherhood, for all who work in the pro-life field and for those who support our ministry and others like ours.  AudioGirl Ministries also purchases ultrasound machinesultrasound machine for pro-life pregnancy clinics.  When an abortion-minded woman sees the ultrasound of her unborn child, there’s an 85% chance she will choose LIFE over abortion.  We have purchased and placed 3 machines to date and we know lives are being saved because of those ultrasound units.

We have a team member who is on the sidewalk in front of the busiest abortion mill in Long Beach counseling women in crisis pregnancies to choose life for their unborn child.  AudioGirl Ministries supplies those moms-in-need who choose life with diapers, cribs, car seats, baby formula, clothes, whatever is needed to help that new mom and her baby.  Our diaper bill alone runs between $300-$500 a month.  We can’t do what we do without the awesome help of our supporters.

Power-of-7-412x500Finally, AGM has a wonderful pro life app called The Power of 7 – 7 Effective ProLife Replies to 7 Common Pro Abortion Arguments. It’s free and available for smartphones and tablets.  We encourage your readers to download it.  We’ve got direct links to the app on our website at, under the Knowledge tab.

  1. How has being involved in the pro-life movement changed your life?

To date, AudioGirl Ministries has been integral in helping save the lives of over 1,000 lots-of-babiesbabies.  Now THAT’S life changing! Who wouldn’t get excited about that!!  It’s a blessing to be doing the work God has called us to do and to use our talents to accomplish His mission.  There isn’t a day that goes by that we aren’t planning, talking, creating, doing something that involves the ministry.  We wait for God’s direction to point us down the path He wants us to travel.

  1. Has there been a specific event you sponsored or were a part of that changed your perspective?

Mother-Teresa-9Yes.  We served as music ministers for Mother Theresa’s visit to Long Beach, CA.  At that event Mother Teresa spoke about abortion and how it destroys lives – the unborn child, of course, and all of those who participate in the process.  That was life changing because Mother Teresa shined a light on the graveness of the situation.  It was a wake-up call to all who were present that day.  At that event, Lori sang a song she had written for Mother Teresa and was able to present her with the lyrics.  Mother Teresa touched Lori’s forehead and told her to ‘keep singing.’  Fast forward to the spring of 2009 when I was encouraged to participate in a 40 Days for Life campaign.  When I came back from praying in front of the abortion mill I sat on the sofa and cried.  The graveness of what was happening inside the abortion mill captured me; I could ‘feel the evil’ coming off the building.  It was then that both Lori and I felt God calling us to ‘get off the sofa’ and do something.  That’s when Lori and I began His ministry – AudioGirl Ministries.

  1. What has been the greatest disappointment you have faced in your ministry? How did you deal with it?

The greatest disappointment is the life we cannot save.   Followed by the minds of pro-abortion people we cannot change. We deal with it by focusing on the lives we have saved and the minds we have changed.

  1. What would surprise most people to know about you?

Probably that we’re a couple of women who work in the entertainment field and we are passionately pro-life and we run a pro-life ministry.

  1. Are there any comments you want to share with Blacknright?

People can help us purchase ultrasound machines when they buy our top selling CD The LS CD CoverLiving Stations of the Cross “I Thirst.” Produced by AudioGirl Ministries, the album has raised over $30,000.00 in CD and digital download sales with EVERY PENNY going to save babies.  It’s available on iTunes, Amazon, and many other online stores.  We have a direct link at on the home page.

We encourage your readers to follow us on Twitter at @AudioGirlM, Like us on Facebook, sign up for our newsletter at, view our pro-life videos on Vimeo and YouTube, come to our Rosary and Mass for Life, join our team!

  1. What are some events you will be a part of in the near future?

Of course, there’s our monthly Rosary and Mass for Life.

Plus Lori and I have signed with a PR firm that will be booking us for speaking engagements.   We do a live presentation of The Power of 7.  It’s informative and very well received!   You can also contact us directly if you’re interested in us speaking to your group, organization, or at your church or school.  Our contact info is on Every October members and supporters of our ministry participate in the Long Beach Bike Tour portion of the L.B. marathon on our Biking for Babies team.  We raise money for our ministry and we bring pro life awareness to the streets of L.B.  If you’d like to join us contact us via our website.

Finally, thank you, Dena for the opportunity to talk about our pro-life ministry.   We really appreciate it and we appreciate you!

For further information go to:

Links to our Vimeo channel and our two newest videos:


Two Newest Videos:


Our Mother Teresa Backstory



8 thoughts on “AudioGirls Work for Life

  1. What a great article. It was interesting AND inspiring. Thanks for posting.
    And by the way, you’re a very talented writer. 👍🏻😊
    God BLESS you and AudioGirlM

  2. Dear Dena,
    Thank you for highlighting the amazing work of this ministry. I remember listening to Sylvia since her KNAC days! Then hearing her on KBIG, KEARTH, etc. I even watched her race in the LB Grand Prix! Small world!
    And Lori sang at Disneyland – So cool! I’m gonna do a YouTube search. Btw, my kids LOVE Minecraft.
    Definitely going to order the Living Stations album.
    It’s always encouraging to know there are entertainers who are not self-absorbed, who are out there trying to help others.

    Lastly, I’m new to your blog but now have you bookmarked as a favorite. THANK YOU for standing apart from the crowd. You rock.
    Sincerely, Dana

  3. Thank you Dana, it is so inspiring to hear that. Sylvia as mentioned in the article was one of my idols to, so it was a great pleasure to do the interview with her. I am glad you like my blog and have become one of your favorites.

  4. Hello Dena,

    I’m Victor … and ask that if you should have the time would you (please) contact me ( and (possibly) help me with a little info about creating a “blog”.

    If you would like to know who I am… you can see some of my background by going to this link…(which is my “Background and credentials”)

    I am: x-Marine Corps and police officer… and would really appreciate a little help writing a (very important …) political blog.

    Thank you for your time and attention.


    Victor J. Bravo

  5. Hello Victor, you could always do a site for free but building a following takes a lot time and effort. However, if you want to have a political blog with a site that is already gaining a big following you should check out Conservative Push Coalition. They are looking for staff members and contributors. If you go to Conservative Push Coalition on Facebook and ask to speak to Diane, she can let you know if you would be a good fit and if you are then I would be working on your pieces anyways since I am an editor. I hope that helps.

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