Rush Limbaugh Backs Rubio

Rush-LimbaughThere is nothing more annoying than knowing the truth about someone or something and everyone ignoring you or thinking you are nuts, then all of a sudden a celebrity comes along and claims what you have been saying all along to be so and boom everyone now believes it. However, if it takes Rush to make everyone pay attention to Marco Rubio then so be it!

According to reports Rush has called Rubio a “full throttled conservative” which everyone rubio with flag in Iowaat California Students for Rubio knew to be true. People tried to say he wasn’t pro-life which was always perplexing to me because you only have to look at his record to see there is no one more pro-life than Marco Rubio. NARAL gave him 0% rating. You don’t get more glorious in the pro-life world than that. Conservatives all over the place have talked how the Keystone Pipeline would not only create American jobs but would help with our dependence on foreign oil. Do you know who was the sponsor of the Keystone Pipeline initiative? That is right, Marco Rubio, but he never gets credit for that.

ap_immigration_reform_mi_130128_wmainThey throw up immigration in his face. True, he was part of the Gang of the Eight. However, think about it if you were a senator, wouldn’t you try to sit on a committee that dealt with one of the major problems of our country or would you just sit it out and let others deal with it? Even if the Gang of Eight blew up in his face he tried. But let’s hear what Marco wants to do in terms of immigration from him and not from pundits:

Starting on Day One of his presidency, Marco will be focused on immigration security.

He will:

  • Cancel President Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders
  • Eliminate federal funding for sanctuary cities
  • Deport criminal illegal aliens
  • Hire 20,000 new Border Patrol agents
  • Finish all 700 miles of walls on our southern border
  • Implement an entry-exit visa tracking system
  • Implement a mandatory eVerify system
  • Install $4 billion in new cameras and sensors on the border
  • Marco on Immigration and Border Security

Do you want to hear the craziness of our current immigration system? We already have anImmigration-Services_1 e-Verify system in place but it is ILLEGAL to use. Can someone explain that to me? Marco, on the other hand, would allow us to use what we already have in effect! And sanctuary cities like San Francisco should not only receive no federal funding, the leaders of those cities should be brought up on charges and jailed for breaking federal law (I will talk to Marco about that. LOL ) As you can see from the above Marco is hardly soft on immigration.

Man_throwing_moneyMarco is a big spender, those who don’t know him will say. Oh please, I probably spend more in a single day than he did as his term as Senator. Marco voted down the Minimum Wage Act and some bizarre Paycheck Fairness Act. I read it twice and I still don’t get it. He also voted down the temporary debt ceiling but yeah he is a big spender! You can go look up his record for yourself.

The point is Marco Rubio is not some RINO, he is tried and true conservative and if anyone can lead this country successfully into the 21st century, it is my man, Marco! So stop listening to your friends who may have their own agenda and give Marco an once over, you will not be disappointed.


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