Marco Rubio Pulling Ahead

Rubio in Iowa

When I first started blogging for Marco Rubio and I would mention his name people would ask, “Who is Marco Rubio?” That question is fast becoming passe. Not only do people know how who he is now, some are even becoming fans. Of course, to paraphrase a famous country song, “I was a Rubio Fan Before Rubio was Cool.”

According to NBC News Rubio pulled in third in the Iowa Caucus. A lot of people might rubio with flag in Iowathink that that third is nothing to be proud of but it is also nothing to sneeze at. To go from a Florida Senator that hardly anyone knew about to being third in the Iowa Caucus is quite a rise in the overall polls. According to that same article: Marco Rubio didn’t win the night in Iowa, coming in third at the caucuses with 23 percent behind Donald Trump at 24 percent and Ted Cruz at 28 percent. Rubio Third In Iowa. The interesting take is that Rubio is only one point below Donald Trump!

Donald Trump in IowaThough Donald Trump was supposed to be the shoo-in for the Republican nomination, it no longer looks that way. While many people may agree with Trump on the issues, they don’t agree with his blustery attitude. Another surprise came out of Iowa’s Caucus:

“The Florida senator was the clear favorite of caucus-goers who were most concerned about electability. He took 43 percent of voters who said winning the general election in November was their most important candidate quality.

He also won about four-in-10 of those caucus-goers who valued political experience over outsider status.” Rubio Surprise So don’t count out the Florida Senator yet, he definitely has more in store for his campaign and despite the naysayers he just might be our next American President.


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