The New Normal and the Collapse of Common Sense

caitlyn jenner

Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner

From Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner to Rachel Dolezal, we are seeing an emerging “trans” community trying to emerge and redefine what it means to be normal.  However, the truth is quite simple Bruce Jenner is not a woman, no matter if he wants to be called Caitlyn or not, and Rachel Dolezal is not Black, despite her protests to the opposite. Being black is not about a spray tan and being a woman is not about wearing dresses.What is going on is the demise of common sense and the emergence of “self-identification” politics.

Rachel Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal

Certain things require self-identification. For instance, what makes me Republican is self-identifying with the ideology and platform of the Republican party. No one can force me to Republican. No one can look at me and go, “Oh yeah, there goes a Republican.” I was not born a Republican and certain body parts do not obviously make me a Republican, therefore the only way for me to be a Republican is to self-identify as one.  I will concede that self-identification is very important to our identity, the things we choose to believe about the world, about ourselves, they shape who we are and how we treat our fellow man.

Dr. Shamsa and me at my UCLA graduation

Dr. Shamsa and I

That being said, certain things do not require self-identification, things like your sex or your ethnicity. I will say this, ethnicity can be confusing because you can be South African, Irish and Sioux. Or you can be Mexican, Iranian and Cherokee. Whatever you are, though, it is present at your birth, just like your sex and you cannot change those things based on your feelings. The man I am pictured with is one of my favorite people in the world, he is Iranian. So what if I decided since I have many people in my life (yes, he is not the only one I know)  who I care about who are Iranian, I was going to claim that culture for my own? So I learn the Persian language, I dress Persian, I move into a Persian neighborhood, I listen to Persian music and watch Persian television. Since he is Jewish, I become Jewish and I basically tell everyone that I am Persian. Am I, though? No, my self-identification does not make me Persian. I can appreciate his culture and even want to learn about it, but it doesn’t make it mine. Next, what if I used this false identity to land a job or make money? That is fraud, no matter if I believe it about myself or not.

Once upon a time all this was known to all. It didn’t require an explanation. Everybody just understood this to be the truth. However somewhere along the line we decided that reality is what we say it is. That is not how reality works, though, it is true regardless of anyone’s opinion to the contrary. I can believe in the depth of my soul that 2+2=5 and believe the whole 4 thing is just some conspiracy. It does not matter, 2+2=4. This is also true when it comes to personal reality. I can believe I am anorexic. That I am just way too thin but that does not register with the reality that I am obese. I may hate that fact, but it is still true regardless. I mean come on, look at my picture do I look anorexic to you? Does my heart go “Oh wait she believes she is 90 pounds so I am just going to ignore all this extra weight despite the fact that it is nearly killing me?” It would be absolutely ludicrous to call me thin because I have decided that is how I want to be perceived. Well, if I want to be perceived as thin then I need to lose some weight don’t I?  So perception and reality will line up. But I sure don’t get to change the meaning of thin to make me more comfortable and Bruce Jenner does not get to change the meaning of woman or Rachel Dolezal the meaning of Black.

It is time we stop taking such fruitcakes seriously as if they contribute anything to American dialogue of freedom. They are sick and they need help, not accolades. And it is time common sense comes back. Because we are sorely lost without it.


One thought on “The New Normal and the Collapse of Common Sense

  1. It’s times like these where I want to move to the most remote part of the planet. This World is definitely going into a downward spiral FAST! And what is up with these men wanting to be women?? I think they really need their head examined. Being a woman is extremely difficult. As an African American female I have endured demeaning, humiliating, not to mention sexually graphic talk that I first endured as early as 8 years of age! That’s not even including the military years serving overseas. I’ve never been respected. People like this Caitlyn Jenner all they do is make a mockery of the female race. I just wish that thing would go away I sure don’t want to see it on magazines.
    Why is that thing so special? She gets treated better than the Queen of England. Way to go for so called women’s rights!

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