Loving Love: Can Mia Love Increase Blacks in the GOP?

United States political activist and former di...There have been recent attempts to increase the membership of Blacks in the GOP. In 2008, while others were talking about this historical election of Barack Hussein Obama, there was another Black man on the ballot, Alan Keyes. Alan Keyes had also run against Obama in the Illinois senatorial race  in 2006 but unfortunately for Illinois and America, Obama won. Had the GOP chosen to go with Alan Keyes, it would have been a different race entirely. In fact, the whole issue of race, as in the skin color of the candidates, would have been a non-issue since both candidates would have been Black men and therefore, the division that has ensued under Obama might have been at least partially curtailed.


speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...We also had Herman Cain run this year for the Presidency, again making the issue of race irrelevant had he won the nomination. And though we have far more information about his life than we do about Obama’s he was pushed aside because of a false allegation of sexual misconduct. Something that only works on Republicans, never Democrats because their whole sex life is nothing but sexual misconduct. Herman Cain is a self made man, the founder of Godfather’s Pizza. Despite, the unfounded allegations of a 13 year affair, Herman Cain has been married 44 years to the same woman.  Yet no amount of success in his personal or professional life was able to translate into an increase in Blacks flocking to the GOP.


Mia LoveEnter Mia Love. No disrespect to the above men, they are men of integrity and honor, but never send a man to do a woman’s job. If anyone can energize the GOP it is Mia Love.  Just like Palin before her she seems to have burst on the national stage and has given a voice to conservative women once again. However, this time it is a Black Mormon. As someone who joined the church in 1998, I have had experience explaining why I belong to a “racist” church like the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is not necessarily easy and more often than not I probably do more to hurt the image of our church than I do to help it. In any case, Mia Love seems able to navigate these waters with a lot more ease than I. Or any of her fellow Black Republican men. Even Allen West, with his vast military and political experience didn’t not seem to rouse the interest that Mia has. Granted, just like Condi Rice before her she has already been labeled a house n***er by those ever so tolerant Leftists.  But that just means the Democrats/Leftists are running scared and cannot deal with a woman who is self-reliant, professional and godly. Since her first allegiance is to Jesus Christ, that disturbs alot of people, especially those who advocate a sin-filled lifestyle in the Democratic Party. They have no understanding that the greatness that once permeated America is due, in fact, to our Founding Fathers following the teachings of Christ…and not all religion in general.

The Mormon aspect of Mitt’s candidacy has sent the bigots running around declaring that Monday evenings will be Family Home Evening henceforth and Monday night football will forever be banned if Mitt gets elected. Will Mia’s Mormonism have the same effect. I am thinking, probably not. Since Mitt is a White Man somehow his Mormonism is more threatening than Mia’s. A petite woman, you might think she is timid and meek but Mia Love proved during the Republican National Convention that underneath her almost deceiving appearance is a heart of a lioness!

The American Dream is our story. It is a story of human struggle, standing up and striving for more. It has been told for over 200 years with small steps and giant leaps; from a woman on a bus to a man with a dream [Someone is a Brad Paisley fan that line is directly from his song  “Welcome to the Future.” Italics mine. Here is the link to video if you want to see it yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0Yg9wjctRw] and the bravery of the greatest generation to the entrepreneurs of today.

Two People Fell in Love

Two People Fell in Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay so despite her lifting of Brad Paisley lyrics, which only goes to show either her or her speechwriter have excellent taste in music, Mia does seem to epitomize the American Dream and while the pundits are waxing on whether the American Dream is indeed dead, Mia has shown it is still alive and well and that hard work and education do pay off. How will that translate to Black voters for the GOP? Well that remains to be seen however, if we look to Palin as a indicator, it is very good chance that she will be able to bring in voters who might have  otherwise stayed at home Election Day. While Palin was not able to propel that into a White House victory, we are hoping that Mia bring the GOP back to its roots. Back to the days of Reconstruction when Black Republicans were the norm for Congress. Sometimes all it takes is a woman’s touch. 

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2 thoughts on “Loving Love: Can Mia Love Increase Blacks in the GOP?

  1. Dena, what is more important is to develop a black grassroots base that can support these leaders and help them survive the vicious attacks black conservatives aiming for high office ALWAYS face. That grassroots can mute the impact of the false allegation and give lie to the fact that these great leaders are ‘Uncle Toms’ (I will be SO glad the day an Oreo goes back to just being a cookie.)

    People like yourself are a bigger key to the Last Civil Right (the right NOT to be forced to one political opinion based on your skin color) than the leadership is. Also ,th need to grow the MIDDLE tier of leadership: the judges, county officials, state representatives and the like; that is an important goal assure a fresh supply of people aiming at higher office.

  2. I sent this email to Marco Rubio, he suggested I SEND IT TO GOP minority. HE INSISTED NO ONE TRY TO CONTACT HIM AT THIS TIME BECAUSE HE CAN’T GET involve.

    Romney’s staff received information several weeks ago concerning the Romney’s Pandora box, along with e mail lists of Republican Party, senators and house members aware of the situtation.

    Mitt Romney was investigated in 2008. If he became the Republican presidential candidate then the documents would be release.
    Ann’s abortion.

    1968, while Mitt Romney was serving as a Mormon missionary in France, Ann Davies was attending Brigham Young University in Utah. It had been two years since Mitt Romney had started his mission, and it was common for missionaries to receive “Dear John” break-up letters from girlfriends back home. Ann wrote Mitt a letter saying she had experienced feelings for a student named Kim Cameron back in Utah.

    Cameron is quoted as saying it’s “probably right” that he thought for a time he might marry Ann, adding, “emotionally, I felt very close to her and our baby.”

    Several days ago we came across several emails from Warren Jeffs hidden in Mitt Romney’s album on his president website which we removed immediately.

    Polygamous leader Warren Jeffs has issued a new command to his sect from his jail cell – the names of 15 men he has chosen to father all future children of his church. He named Mitt Romney the new leader and suggested he continues after becoming the president of the usa. He spoke of the old days with Mitt Romney and said my brother we are family. Now, is the time for you to carry on in secret as we disscussed. I know we agreed that you’ve to cater to “nigger, spic, wetback, kike, college students’ looking for handouts, faggot, and white trash that think they’re one of us.

    Mitt and Ann Romney’s say, “since the year of 2000 nigger have been pushed out by a dirtier,more criminal,ever expanding group usually called mexicans and Cuban Americans who are the nigger of the new millenium . millenium as a stand alone is an insult to all caucasian. Made me think a little more deeply about discrimination in general instead of just racism. Entire wars have been waged over discrimination, race based, religious, ethnic, or otherwise. And yet still in the 21st century distinguished groups have to remind others not to categorize but accept them. Mitt say, “when he become president all are the 99% and he will work for the 1%.”

    I can’t continue to work for Mitt Romney or his president anymore. I no longer respect this man or his wife. I can’t remain silent anymore. I can’t give my email.

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