Prop. 19-The Legalization of Marijuana

Cannabis Mantis

On November 2, 2010, we will be voting whether or not to legalize marijuana in California. The pro hemp side is out there trying to make it sound like some harmless thing. However, I am not going to talk about the dangers of marijuana, we already know them. I am not going to talk about morality-we could talk circles around that all day. I am going to talk about from a purely capitalist point of view and why it shouldn’t be legalized.

 Listen up potheads you just might learn something! The legalization of marijuana would actually be a BAD things for you stoners! Right now, you don’t pay taxes on your weed. You go down to the corner, hand Tyrone a ten spot, he gives you a dime bag, you go home and smoke away.  Oh once in a while you get snagged on a possession charge but really it is not that hard to score and I know many people who smoke who have never got busted. So let’s not act like the jails are overrun with people on pot charges!

However, let’s get down to brass tacks as they say. If marijuana is legalized you will surely be getting a much more chemically altered form of marijuana than you are currently getting. Translation: With the government involved you will get crappy weed. First of all, unlike alcohol, marijuana is classified as a “narcotic” at least in terms of a legal sense. Yes, we know medically it is not but that is not going to make much of a difference, legally they are going to keep it a narcotic and here’s why! The drug companies are not going to let anyone just make and distribute marijuana and they will spend billions to make sure if it does get legalized that they are the only ones who can manufacuture it. Your corner boy-gone! That good Jamaican ganga you love so well-gone! Say hello to Pfizer‘s Pot! A small dose of pot and a large dose of whatever chemicals they decide to put in it! Let’s look at cigarettes. They are legal, they are also a lot more lethal too! They put in a little tobacco and fill the rest of the cigarette with embalming fluid, nicotine and who knows what else! Do you really want Phillip Morris making your joints?

Next, you will be taxed. Now the pro-hemp people are saying. They can use those additional funds to help with the deficit. First of all, how many times have we heard this new tax will help our deficit? Has it ever helped our deficit? No! They just find new ways to waste the money! We legalized the lottery with the promise the money raised from the lottery would help our schools. Yet our schools are still failing and I know a school who hasn’t bought any new textbooks in five years! And that is with the lottery!  It was supposed to help our children-well it hasn’t! We are still falling behind the rest of the nation! So you can’t believe them when they say this will be the cure to our deficit problems! Instead, you will be taxed-do you really want another tax? Right now, you get your pot tax free! So why would you want to pay more money for something that is going to be an inferior product? It makes no sense!

Third, pot legalization won’t make pot more accessible but less accessible.  How so? Well let’s look at medical marijuana dispensaries, they are closing down to the regulations they are unable to keep up with. They are not going to make it easy to sell pot over the counter, the drugs companies are not going to stand for it.  It would cut into their profits. Therefore,  before it ever becomes legalized-like alcohol and cigarettes, where you can get them anywhere, the drug companies will make sure restrictions like: 1) only a licensed pharmacist can sell marijuana 2) That no “generics” can be made except through them, etc. They are going to make it as difficult as they can for you to get the pot. If  you don’t believe me, ask someone on Medicare, who had to fight them just to get a drug they have always taken covered because Medicare decided it didn’t want to cover it anymore. This is what you are in store for.

Fourth, you will pay alot more than the ten bucks you pay now for a dime bag. That will be history. You will pay considerably more and won’t get nearly the “good stuff” you get now. Instead, you will pay about 20 or 30 bucks, plus the state tax, plus the local tax, plus the sales tax and then when you are done paying all those taxes, you might get one or two joints out of the whole deal. How many joints do you get now? More than one! So you pay more money, get crappy weed and get less of it. Yeah, sounds like a winner to me.

Of course, we know things like driving under the influence will skyrocket once it is legalized and there will be more accidents of people driving while stoned. We know crime won’t go down but will go up.  Just like alcohol is involved in many domestic violence and child abuse cases, so will be the case with marijuana as people are smoking more and more of it. But I won’t get into all of that.

 So there you have it in a nutshell, go ahead and legalize marijuana, it will be the stupidest thing you potheads could ever do! But then potheads are not known for being terribly bright are they?

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