Finding Family

I am in the process of finding my biological family. It has been weird to say the least.  It all started when I saw a random post by a woman who had recently found a biological family for an adoptee on Facebook. Thinking this might be my only opportunity to find my biological roots I asked her if she would be able to find mine and she responded that she would be.

Within a few days I had a name. I was told this was my biological mother and my biological father. I was hesitant at first. Father!? Well then that can’t be me. I had always been told no one knew my biological father because my mother was a prostitute and thereby my father was probably was one of her johns.  It was an emotional roller coaster ride.  How could that be? You mean I could actually have a real life Dad? That seemed to crazy. A part of me wanted to believe it.  I mean to go from a transactional baby to a child at least conceived in wedlock seemed miraculous.

I knew I had other siblings and it was them I really wanted to find anyway. And here was a list of names. There are some things that don’t seem to fit with the man’s memory who might be my brother. So there is a still a chance we got the wrong people. But there is some things that mesh with what I know.  I sent him a picture so he could see me.  I haven’t heard back. Who knows.  Maybe it is the Black thing, I don’t know.  I know my biological mother was White and therefore my biological father was Black. Now the records have the man listed as my father as a Negro, though none of his other children with her are looking very Black.  According the woman who found who we think is my biological mother, she is adamant that I am Sicilian. My mother told me a similar story about when I was born they asked “What is the nationality of the father?” And my adopted didn’t remember but thought she was very adamant that the father was Swedish. The fact that she was adamant about that fact makes me believe that it is probably is my biological mother.

It has been crazy though. We will see.


3 thoughts on “Finding Family

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  2. As an adoptee, I have only had one set of parents. The ones that adopted me. I thank my birth mother for giving me life, and the sperm donor for helping out, but that’s as far as it goes.

    I have looked for non-identifying medical information (and didn’t find any), but that’s where the search stops.

  3. God bless you Tony! It sounds like you had some truly awesome parents, as did I. I never wanted to hurt them, which is why I didn’t want to do the search while they were still alive. The search just kind of fell in my lap, so I took the opportunity. But I agree, I only have one mother and one father and both of them have passed on. I thought it would be interesting to meet any siblings I might have because they didn’t give up their right to be my brother or my sister.In any case, if it doesn’t work out that is okay. At least I tried.

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