Adoption Poll


3 thoughts on “Adoption Poll

  1. There would be a lot of factors determining whether I’d want to find my birth parents. How old was I when I was adopted? Do I remember my first parents? If so, what memories do I have of them? What quality of relationship do I have with the adoptive parents? Are there a lot of people in the adoptive family? Are they good people? Am I bonded to most of them? How many people in the birth family? Are they good people? What’s the chance of adding to the number of good people that I’m bonded to? These are factors that aren’t given in a “what if…” poll. But they’re all factors that would determine whether I’d try to find my birth family if I was adopted.

  2. Those are a lot of good questions. In my case, both of my adooptive parents are gone, which is part of the reason I waited as long as I did. I felt it would somehow be a betrayal if I did it while my parents were still alive. I have siblings I love to death and would do anything for and they have proven they will do anything for me. I guess I was just curious and felt I couldn’t let the opportunity go by. But you make a lot of valid points Ceecee thank you for chiming in. Hope you come back soon.

  3. This is a very interesting question! As an adoptive parent of six, my dh and I assume that we will make the birth parent search with all of our children. All of our children were adopted internationally so it may be more of a challenge. It does not offend me, I know I would be curious if it were me. Not to say that it won’t be an emotional situation, but hopefully we can put aside our emotions and do what is best to help our children. Great blog!

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