If I Had Unlimited Resources, I Would…

I would buy up every abortion clinic in America, close them down and put up legitimate clinics for women in their place. No abortions would be available but there would be adoption services, prenatal care, etc. We would contract with job training services, WIC, homeless and domestic violence shelters along with other vital services to get women through the pregnancy and on the road to a better life for mother and child. There would be limited or no cost to the mother and at the end of the nine months we would provide you with a car seat, stroller and other baby necessities to get you started. After that I would put every last dime into getting the Personhood Amendment passed that would forbid abortion and protect the unborn child from that point on.


5 thoughts on “If I Had Unlimited Resources, I Would…

  1. What about a rape, incest, or when the womans life is in danger? It will always be safe for rich , white woman. OK so you’re suppose to be a Christian? How come Christians can lie? Pat Robertson calls the President the anti-Christ. Sarah Palin says that he pals around with terrorist.Secret Service told her to calm it down, that can get the man killed. He’s not a Muslim but the Right keeps calling him that so he can get killed.

    Funny you don’t act like a Christian.

  2. Just to let you know, many black and progressive bloggers are going to contact the LDS church to get Glenn Beck Excommunicated! Beck’s words got three policemen killed in Pittsburgh. Does your church condones that? Now he wants to march on black people in Washington, invoking the name of Dr.King. BTW, he called Dr. King a racist and a socialist. I have friends in the LDS church who think that Beck should be Excommunicated too. You don’t want people to think that your church hates black people. They just recognized black about 35 years ago.

  3. Kid you don’t know me so you need to mind your own business! Let me set you straight since you are straight up ignorant! I am don’t bow down to some stupid, incompetent, impotent god that you obviously do since you think killing children is somehow okay! My God is holy, righteous and has all power! He can take something as awful as a rape and bring good from it! Can your inept god do that? Obviously not since you have to kill an innocent child! You are Satan’s child, not Heavenly Father’s and you need to get off my site because I don’t have the spawn of Satan on here! You are a kid, no doubt! Your defamation of my God will not be tolerated and I am calling you out son! Don’t you ever come on here and tell me I am not a Christian because I won’t allow innocent children to die. I am more of Christian then you will ever be! Because I know what he can do, you do not!

    And I can care less about your vendetta with Glenn Beck, take it up at his site not mine. You will not get him excommunicated! You don’t have that power!

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