Denzel, I’m Moving In

Since America is a little slow on the uptake and didn’t seem to get this the first time around when I wrote it in 2006 (It appeared on Laptop America June 12, 2006. ) I think it is time I shared it again.  Maybe with the passage of SB 1070 people are more willing to listen this time around. Let’s hope so.

If everyone was worried about their responsibilities as they are about their rights, rights would be irrelevant.

With all the talks about rights being splashed over the news lately, especially so called immigrant rights, I have come to the conclusion that these people may have something here. So I have decided maybe I should follow suit.

This is what I am going to do – I am going to break into Denzel Washington’s place and force him to take care of me and my son. Except it won’t be breaking in per se, I will just be ‘immigrating’ to his place. You see, my apartment is really small – no bedroom. Not even a window in the living room. While Denzel lives in a nice big mansion, I am sure he has more than enough room for the both of us and me my son deserve a “better life.” So this won’t be a home invasion – nope I am doing nothing criminally wrong, I am just immigrating to a posher pad.True, I am immigrating from Crenshaw instead of Mexico or El Salvador, but what’s the diff?

And since Denzel has a far superior income, he can pay for my child’s 


education, my medication, and other life necessities. But hey, I am a good sport, I’ll babysit or plant a garden and then I can talk about how deserving I am of Denzel’s wealth. I will even start putting on airs and say how Denzel really needs me more than I need him and how did he ever survive before I broke into his place? Of course, why stop there? I mean as long as Denzel is footing the bill anyway, I might as well marry him and really be entitled to his income. Besides if I get sick and I am hospitalized, I want to make sure Denzel could come and visit me. Wouldn’t you want to visit your home invader/wife in the hospital if you could? (If for no other reason then to suffocate them with a pillow?) I mean they might not let him in if he was just my employer. [Though when I was sick with cancer, I had relatives, non-relatives, former relatives and my boyfriend all converged on my room – IT WAS GREAT!!! It looked like House Party in my room. But yeah they are real sticklers about visitors!]

Not only that, there is status in being his wife, more so than in just being his nanny or gardener and not that I pay taxes, but if I did I could get a break or two. Its all about the Benjamins!

Besides, this one woman, one man nonsense is really encroaching on my ‘right’ to marry. Look as hard as you want, you won’t find a same sex marriage in the Bible, but you will find plenty that practiced polygamy, so I can just say the government is infringing on my ‘religious right’ to practice polygamy. I am sure Pauletta won’t mind sharing Denzel and if she does – tough – I mean it is MY RIGHT to marry who I want and I want to marry Denzel. Granted, I will be messing up his five kids lives, but that is really not my concern – my concern is only for me and Adonai. I need a husband, Adonai needs a father and it is time I start enforcing my rights.

Now do the above scenarios sound as outlandish to you as they do to me (and I am sure Denzel doesn’t like the sound of it either)? Yet, these same arguments are used everyday in the immigration and gay rights movement. They claim to have these rights that no one else has. The illegals claim they have a right to come to our country, break our laws and “make a better life for themselves” at our expense. The gays claim they have a right to redefine marriage in a way that most pleases them and everyone else can take a flying leap. Yet if you look at the marriage argument it is all about what monetary benefits they can get out of it, not about dedicating their life to one person, being faithful and raising a family.

Of course, if I did try my ‘immigration’ plan I would spend the next twenty years in Sybil Brand. That is if Denzel didn’t kill this psychotic woman who broke into his house and demanded her own version of ‘amnesty’ while simultaneously enforcing her ‘right to marry.’ Of course, if Denzel didn’t do it, I am sure Pauletta would. These two movements have to be the two worst ones in the course of human history. They are based on nothing but selfish demands and greed. Denzel owes me a “better life” the way the US owes the rest of the world one. Denzel owes me a marriage the way we owe gays one. These movements are not based on bettering society but bettering their own wallets. It is not about contributing positively to society but furthering their own narcissitic agenda. It is about trying to silence their opposition. It is about stamping out freedom. It is not about democracy but blatant socialism. Socialism has been the cause for more deaths and more ruined lives than capitalism could ever attempt to destroy.

Just like Denzel, Pauletta and their children don’t deserve to be held hostage by my insane immigration scenario and neither do the rest of us. You can’t tell me that if I broke in Denzel’s house he would be, “Sure Dena, you and Adonai can stay as long as you want, in fact, why don’t you move your entire family in – we don’t mind.” Okay, maybe after his lobotomy or some serious stroke he might be open to me taking over his house, but otherwise I just don’t see that happening. Yet we are supposed to be so accomodating as to allow crimnals free reign – that makes no sense. It goes against human nature, first of all. You protect your own. It is completely unnatural to allow others to harm you and WELCOME IT! When did we become a nation of sadists?

The more we succumb to these two particular movements the worse off we get.

Imagine, if after I took over Denzel’s place, I forbid him and his family to ever discuss what I had done in anything but rosy terms. If they talked about my behavior in any sort of derogatory terms I would lock them in a closet for days on end. Well, that describes hate crime legislation in a nutshell. It penalizes peoople for telling the truth about homosexuality. The gay movement wants unfettered freedom to do whatever they want but they want to make sure our freedom is severely restricted. It is about bringing society down to their gutter level.

Denzel deserves a life of happiness and so do I but I don’t get to force my idea of happiness for me on him and make him suffer the consequences for it. Trust me, if I am ever in Denzel’s house someday it is because we met, had a great conversation and he invited me over. You know the way we do with legal immigrants. And the only way I will ever be his “wife” is by playing such a role in one of his movies. Not by judicial activism and forcing my views of marriage onto him and the rest of society.

In closing, if these two groups weren’t so dastardly and bent on destroying the last fabric of morality in this country – they would be the two most pathetic movements to ever take form. Pathetic or not, we need to stand up to them and let them know if they really want to take us on, they better watch out because they are going to lose!


4 thoughts on “Denzel, I’m Moving In

  1. You need to do more investigation into what hate crime legislation actually does. There’s nothing in it that takes away anyone’s right to free speech, no matter how bigoted it might be.

  2. Oh yes, play the bigot card when all else fails. Oooh I was called a bigot, I am going to go cry now. Whatever.

    I have investigated the FBI statistics have you? Yeah, didn’t think so. First most of “hate crimes” are nothing more than misdemeanors for the most part. Most “hate crimes” are vandalism. When they do get violent Blacks and Jews top the list of those who are crime victims. And while “hate crimes” for gays has steadily been going down, “hate crimes” for Whites has been steadily rising!

    Now there is a difference between hate crimes and hate speech and yes you can go to jail for simply “hate speech.” Go research the Philadelphia Eleven who were arrested and jailed for nothing more than holding signs about homosexuality being sin at a gay pride event. They were assaulted but no charges were brought against those who assaulted them but against the victims themselves! The case was thrown out by the Court (the one intelligent thing the Court has ever done!) and the 47 years they were facing were dropped.
    So maybe you should do some research on what hate crimes and hate speech, especially hate speech can do because it might be your speech that is considered “bigotted” in the future.

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