Evacuations Ordered for Southern California

By now areas of Acton, Flintridge, La Canada and other adjoining cities have had Sherriffs knock on their door and told they must leave.  La Canada is actually a hair’s breadth from where I was raised in Altadena, so while I have great empathy for those in Haiti, this hits a lot closer to home, these are my neighbors right in my own backyard.

The rains have been coming down almost torrentially during these last three days and are expected to last this entire week.  We have even had tornados out here.  Earthquakes we know. Floods are old familiar foes, fires are second nature, but tornadoes? What is this? Kansas? I don’t think so.  This is from the CNN Weather Center:

A rare tornado warning was issued Tuesday afternoon for southeastern Orange County, including the cities of Mission Viejo and San Clemente, and northwestern San Diego County, including the cities of Oceanside and Carlsbad. The National Weather Service said radar indicated a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado.


 People are expected  to be out of their houses until the 25th.  Because of the fires last year, they are expecting heavy debris flow and are evacuating people as a precautionary measure.

Echoes of Katrina can be heard in the press conferences as the authorities tell everyone “When we come knocking, you need to cooperate and evacuate.”  Afraid of another New Orleans where people refused to move from their homes the authorities kept reiterating that sentiment. However, they needn’t be so afraid, unlike New Orleans and Haiti where Nature seemed to target the poorest population who have nowhere to go, out in California, it tends to be the middle class and ultra rich who get targeted with mudslides, floods, fires and the like.  Therefore they are more likely to listen to the authorities because they have a few more resources at their disposal then the Katrina/Haiti crowd do.  [Maybe that is Nature’s way of balancing the scales I don’t know but I do know this in terms of natural disaster the safest place for a poor person to live and survive it is California. ]

This is expected to be the heaviest rainfall in 5 years and once again it is being blamed on El Nino but to be fair, El Nino is like the stepchild of the weather world, if anything remotely bad can be attributed to wind or rain, you bet El Nino is going to hear about it.  In any case, I hope all those who are being affected by Mother Nature’s bad mood will be alright. And if these rains last 40 days and 40 nights I would get right with God real quick!


One thought on “Evacuations Ordered for Southern California

  1. I am a strong proponent of pro-choice, a “pro-abort” as the author has so nicely termed it. Though as a woman I don’t believe men should even be allowed to vote on legislature concerning my own body, I have however tried to understand the perspective behind pro “life” discourses. The most pathos evoking argument I have heard yet is that the staunch and adamant hatred of liberals and pro choice voters comes from a truly deep religious or social obligation to the “life” of the embryo. If I thought murders were being committed under the protection of the law I would oppose it as well (such as capital punishment) but I wish the author of this article would work a little harder to try and understand alternative arguments.
    I know this response will probably only receive an avid condemnation in response, but I really believe that the country is much to ravaged by the economic scars of our recent past to continue self destructing with bi-partisan politics. Someone has to step forward and acknowledge that much of the perceived animosity Liberals and Conservatives feel comes from media outlets that perpetuate it (for the sake of ratings and money).
    Please respond if you are interested in a lively discussion, or if you would like to share your perspective with someone from the other side, :)



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