Why The Left Hates Country Music

Gwen Thompkins-NPR Correspondent

Gwen Thompkins-NPR Correspondent

The Liberal Left of this country is full of pretentious, egotistical and elitist individuals who believe that anything without their stamp of approval is not worth much.  They continue to ridicule and mock traditional American values, the people who live in the Heartland and most of all, country music.

Country music has always been the brunt of jokes by so called mainstream America.  People like Gwen Thompkins, who did a report for NPR on the popularity of country music in Africa can’t help but mock anyone who listens to it. Even as she reporting on the immense popularity of country music in Kenya, most specifically, she couldn’t help but remark how most country singers are a bunch of racist rednecks.  Those weren’t her exact words but they are gist of her feelings.

So why all the hostility to country music especially as more and more Blacks are getting involved in it. We now have Charlie Pride, Cowboy Troy, Darius Rucker, and Rissi Palmer all making country music. And though Charlie hasn’t put out a new album in a while he still travels the world singing his music.  They are even thinking of doing a movie about his life. Even Nelly did a duet with Tim MacGraw and  Beyonce has even done some country as well.  With more Blacks making inroads to country, it seems counterproductive to keep labeling Nashville as racist. Besides that is not the real reason why the Left hates country anyway. After all, the Left is full of proud KKK type bigots. So what is it?

1. Country music is patriotic.

 Those who sing and listen to country music are overwhelmingly proud of their country. Being patriotic doesn’t mean we are blind to America’s problems but instead we view America through a more forgiving lens. We know we have committed atrocities on our soil-abortion is still being done to the most vulnerable and innocent and needs to stop-even so we are willing to fight to improve conditions for all. To stop living in the past and start taking care of the present and the future. They hate country music because it speaks of real love, family, tradition, God. It speaks of everything people hold dear.

2)  Because it is simple.

Don’t equate simple with stupid. It most certainly is not. It is some of the most profound music around but it is its simplicity in lyric and form that make it accessible to everyone  and the Left does not like that.  Even Alan Jackson openly admits to being ” a singer of simple songs, I’m not a real political man.  I watch CNN but I don’t think I could tell you the difference in Iraq and Iran.” It is that kind of straightforward humility that people can relate to. And it is that kind of down home feeling of  just being an average Joe, no better nor worse than anyone else, that the Left absolutely despises.

3)  It’s timeless.

Britney Spears will not live on  in immortality but Loretta Lynn will.  Coal Miner’s Daughter speaks more to our shared human experience than “Oops I Did It Again.” Almost any Trace Adkins song reminds us of  the fraility of family and how fast time does fly. Songs like “You’re Gonna Miss This.” or “Then They Do” speak to us as we watch our children grow up and leave the nest.  While Kanye West will one day be forgotten, Trace and his timeless message of loving your family will continue on.

4)  Because it is real.

If you don’t stand a little prouder when listening to “Riding with Private Malone” or “Bumper Sticker on my SUV” you have no heart. If you don’t cry when hearing “Christmas Shoes” then you are probably a pod person.  And Dolly’s new one “Jesus and Gravity” really uplifts your spirit. http://cnettv.cnet.com/dolly-parton-better-get-livin/9742-1_53-50003376.html  You don’t find that kind of music in the pop, rap or hip hop world.  You find it in two places, country and soul. Both genres are the last bastion of authentic music and true talented artists. Yes, the Left hates anything that is good, uplifting, touches your spirit, which is why I will always be a fan of country music


16 thoughts on “Why The Left Hates Country Music

  1. it makes me wanna ride a horse and bake apple pies. wut the hell’s wrong with that?
    no seriously, i use to write it off too, until i moved to NYC (go figure, right?) and the NPR or WNYC station here plays that ole timey “western” music and blue grass and Appalachia… and i realized there was a real richness to it. while i still dont care for most of the pop stuff, the stuff that makes me think of the country always moves my soul.

  2. What a ignorant and pointless article by someone with a closed mind and a huge chip on the shoulder. Many of us on the left are huge fans of traditional country music. Many country music stars themselves, like Brad Paisley, are supporters of our elected president. You wingnuts don’t own country music, and you don’t own patriotism. Why don’t you try to bring people together rather than building walls between us. I play bluegrass music in a band with members that range from far left to far right, atheist and born again, and we all get along and enjoy sharing our common interests. Anyway, thanks for ruining my day with your hatred.

  3. I want to also add that Kanye West acting ugly w/ Taylor Swift was viewed as his attack on C/W.

    BTW, I printed out this article to show to my hubby. He loved it very much.

    Do you have a twitter?

  4. Yes, Arlene I do have a Twitter. You can follow me on ABCDOnline. And that whole Kanye West/Taylor Swift thing had me fuming. You can disagree with the decision of her winning, that’s not the point but you don’t interrupt her moment to do it. That was straight up tacky!

    Hey Elmer, I hear Bugs is still loose why don’t you go hunt some wabbits? Seriously though if you like country, good for you. Lord knows you are in the minority, so am I for that matter. Blacks are only supposed to listen to rap and hip hop. Even so they don’t hate with as much vengeance as the Left does. And to tell you the truth, I am not about “bringing people together.” You got me confused with Jesus. I think the Right has bent over backwards too long and I am not going to do it anymore.

    Tracy, you go! Country music definitely does move the soul!

  5. There are so many to choose from, but this sentence is especially incompetent….

    “Britney Spears will not live on in immortality but Loretta Lynn will.”

    Someone writing this article from the opposite perspective could say, “Shania Twain will not live on in immortality, but Led Zeppelin will”.

    Pearl Jam’s “Alive” speaks more to the soul than “That Don’t Impress me Much”.

    Seriously, how can anyone read this article without getting caught up in how flawed the arguments are? I understand it’s just a blog, but shouldn’t be there some standard of quality?

    “The Left hates anything that is good, uplifting, touches your spirit?”.

    The Left “hates country music because it speaks of love, family, and tradition”.

    By the way, I am a liberal and I thoroughly enjoy country music. I just can’t get over how bad this article is. It actually makes me like country music much less to think that someone could think like this.

  6. And what are your arguments exactly besides trying to point out how “flawed” mine are?
    Let’s look at the top 10 Pop Hits for this week.
    1. Born this Way
    2. F**kin Perfect
    3. F**k You (Forget You)
    4. S & M
    5. Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You)
    6. Hey Baby (Drop it to the Floor)
    7. More
    8. E.T.
    9. Grenade
    10. Blow

    Now let’s look at the top 10 Country Hits
    1. Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not
    2. Don’t You Wanna Stay?
    3. Let Me Down Easy
    4. Colder Weather
    5. This
    6. What Do You Want
    7. Live a Little
    8. Heart Like Mine
    9. A Little Bit Stronger
    10. I Won’t Let Go

    So how exactly is my argument flawed again? Who rules the pop scene? Liberals. So what if you are one of the few liberals who likes country music. We have a word for that-we call them exceptions. Don’t act like you are the general rule.
    We have two songs on the pop music charts that drop the “f” bomb WITHIN THE TITLE!!! So don’t come to me with your phony baloney outrage because I happen to base my opinion on what is actually taking place within the pop music scene versus country.

    As for your Shania Twain vs. Led Zepplin example-is that an argument? At least I put forth why Lorretta Lynn will outlast Britney Spears. So let’s look at Shania Twain in terms of longevity. She got her start in 1993 with her first album but it wasn’t until her second one in 1995 that she began to skyrocket with “Any Man of Mine.” So she already has 15 years under her belt. So she is not exactly a flash in the pan is she? Has she been around as long as Led Zepplin-of course not. However, lead singer of Led Zepplin, Robert Plant, also gave us the Honeydrippers. And I wouldn’t call that band “legendary” by any stretch of the imagination.

    So let’s see, I have the Billboard charts to back up my argument-what do you have but infantile name calling? Nothing. Liberals are so predictable!

  7. I am 28 years old and I have literally never heard of a single song on your list of top ten pop hits. I can promise you that liberals are not listening to that music, teenagers are. Maybe even pre-teens. I realize this is a sad statement that 10 year olds are exposed to that sort of music, but it’s true, and it’s not political.

    I stand by my use of the word “flawed” and my criticism of your Loretta Lynn and Britney Spears comparisons. Your arguments are trying to compare mature adult conservatives to mature adult liberals. I believe you have a fundamental misunderstanding, evidenced by the sentences “Who rules the pop scene? Liberals”. Adults do not listen to Britney Spears. If you want to have an intelligent discussion, you need to stop using songs marketed to 16 year olds who don’t know the definition of the words “liberal” or “conservative”.

  8. How do I know that only 16 year olds are listening to the songs on the top 10 Pop Charts? While it may be true that the people listening to those songs are a younger audience, it still doesn’t account for the large share of the total sales. If you think there are no mature adults listening to this stuff you are kidding yourself.

    Liberals still rule the pop scene. Madonna is a mature pop entertainer and I would definitely classify her as a liberal. In terms of age, Mariah Carey is also a mature pop entertainer and tends to lean more to the Left. From Bono to Sting, those in the pop genre tend to be very liberal. So don’t act like it is just snot nosed teeny boppers that this applies to. Also, don’t underestimate the teen population, they are far more politically savvy then you might think. In fact, a large degree of them are “conservative.” At least in terms of abortion, with gay marrige they tend to be more liberal. However, they do understand the definitions of such labels.

  9. I made a post this morning at around 10:00 a.m. from my iPad hopefully that shows up, and this can be it’s followup.

    Hopefully that post further explains the first key flaw in your argument. Basically you quote different examples of Pop versus Country, but your examples are very poor. As I explained, the Pop songs you are quoting are marketed towards youth, not the adult liberals you are criticizing. If you are going to write an article with the primary theme of critcizing adult liberals, at least you should cite music marketed to adult liberals. I probably keep in touch with 200-300 people (this is a decent estimate as I just put together a wedding guest list about 12 months ago), age 25 – 70. I only know about 4 or 5 people who listen to the music on that list. That is 1% to 2%. One of them is very conservative, just likes Pop music. That portion of your argument is very poor.

    But in reality the core of your article is so ridiculous it’s hard to explain. You are basically writing a harsh criticism of liberals, using country music to further your argument.

    – “The left is full of proud KKK bigots”
    – The left hates anything that speaks of “love, tradition, family, god.”
    – “The left hates anything that is good, uplifting, touches your spirit”.

    Just read those three sentences alone. Now do you understand why I am justified in calling your article incompetent and flawed. I am not calling you incompetent, but your article sure is. You simply missed on this one and you should be able to admit that.

    You have never met me. I am a liberal. I am married, I love my family. I am an honest, hard working individual. I don’t have a racist fiber in my body. I am a member of a presbyterian church. However apparently I hate “love, tradition, family, god, anything that is good, uplifting, or touched my spirit”.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for writing this article. It does nothing but create hate and criticise an entire demographic of people with almost zero basis. It is very Glenn Beck-esque. Your words do nothing but further the divides between the left and right, and create hate. It’s argument are flawed, and it’s general message is incompetent.

  10. …of course you probably don’t really go to church but just dropped that one because of some little info you picked up that the Presbyterian church Is very Liberal. So predictable….

  11. I don’t go to the Presbyterian Church then obviously, but that doesn’t mean I don’t go to church. I go to my church which is an LDS church.

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