Obama and the Shadow Man

As I sat through the Princess and the Frog in a theater with my son, I was struck by the striking resemblance of the villian to our Resident in Chief-Barack Obama.  The villain is known as the Shadow Man.  Not only was the physical resemblance pretty obvious but so was some of the underlying qualities that both Shadow Man and Obama share. As the movie continued, I felt as if I were watching the 2008 election all over again, except this time with catchy  music and a happy ending.

The movie takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana-the home of voodoo, Mardi Gras and debauchery in general. Yet in the midst of such a city is a hard-working woman named Tiana, she works constantly to save money for her dream-to buy and start  her own restaurant. It is good to see hard-working Black folks in this film. It is something that has been lacking in recent years. Except for the occasional "My Wife and Kids" and the "Cosby Show" showing Blacks folks as hard-working and willing to sacrifice for a dream is something that is still rarely seen especially in film. Tiana is Disney's first Black Princess-hard to believe we are in 2009 and we are just having a first Black Princess now.

Tiana turns out to be a very courageous young woman indeed because when Obama aka the Shadow Man offers her everything she ever dreamed of on a silver platter, she doesn't fall for his false promises, she doesn't buy into his lie that her father died a failure because he never got to open the restaurant that would eventually become her dream as well. Instead she rejects the whole notion of having anything handed to her!  It is a classic case of conservatism versus liberalism and as it should conservatism wins!

The Shadow Man is a voodoo practitioner. Much like Obama's Muslim's past, both practice a religion whose sole purpose is control people and take away their free will.  While both voodoo and Islam are indeed dangerous religions and a threat to God-fearing Christians and other religions, liberals, in particular, try to make both seem like benign alternative religions to Christianity. Though to practice either one means to have disdain and hatred for Christianity and everything it represents.

The Shadow Man is beholden to forces beyond his own power.  He has this false sense that he is in control. When it comes time to pay the piper he learns very fast that the ones that built you up will be the ones that take you down as well. To see him get his finally filled my heart up with joy. Maybe just maybe the same could happen to our Shadow Man. Shadow Man is a fitting name for Obama because he is forever trying to keep us in the dark despite his claim his Presidency would be "transparent."  Like shadows, Obama is all form and no substance. Yes, the character of Shadow Man fits our Resident in Chief well. So will we get the happy ending that was given to Tiana in the Princess and the Frog. Will our Shadow Man's greed, arrogance and utter disdain for America, come out like Disney's did, with the evil forces taking him down. One can only hope. And isn't that what Obama is all about-hope? LOL

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  1. Yes, Gina what is wrong with comparing Obama to a character, it is done all the time. Especially by the Left who compared Bush to Hitler and Satan. Yet, I compare to Obama to the Shadow Man and I am supposed to feel-what? Guilty? I don’t think so. I gave legitimate reasons why I was comparing him to this character, if you don’t like it-too bad. Obama is not above condemnation, reproach or criticism, regardless of what you on the Left think.

    As for you, Janelle, thank you so much. I am glad you like it. I am glad to see someone gets it. God bless you and have a very Happy New Year. 2010 is going to be the year we return America back to its conservative roots!

  2. It’s funny that you failed to see that they did in fact included an Obama resembling character in this movie, but it wasn’t the shadowman. Go back and look again, you’ll recognise Obama in Tiana’s father. He even gives the same speeches.
    The funny thing about racist americans is how they hide behind their conservatism. Have some balls and say what’s on your mind. Atleast that’s what they do around here.
    (Thank god I don’t have to endure your shitstorm as I’m an American living in the Netherlands, with btw, proper healthcare.)

  3. I’ve never read such an idiotic pile of crap since everyone jumped on the bandwagon shouting about the supposed racism of an already classic movie.
    First of all, the Shadowman looks absolutly nothing like Obama.
    Second, the whole comparison between being a Muslim and a practicioner of Voodoo is one of the most comical ideas I’ve heard in a long time. I can’t think of one similarity between the two.
    Three, there’s many places that have history of what you call debauchery. Not just New Orleans. But I don’t think the movie would have worked as well if it was set in Las Vegas, Los Angelese or World Centre Of Lies – Washington.
    What is it with Americans having to be “God-fearing” anyway? God is love, there’s nothing to fear the Almighty. All you’re doing is spreading hate. Very Christian of you.

  4. I don’t think Tiana’s father was anything like Obama. Tiana’s father didn’t blame “Bush” for all his problems. He wanted her to work hard to get what she wanted in life. He loved his family and he truly did right by them. Obama does what is right for him and no one else. Next, I am glad you are in the Netherlands where your leftism can wreck their country instead of ours. Can you take the rest of buddies with you?

  5. First of all, I never said that the Princess and the Frog/Disney was racist. In fact, given the fact that they have done Mulan and Pocahontas, I was surprised there hadn’t been a Black princess before this. It seemed odd, not racist. Next, the Shadow Man does look like Obama, the same complexion, the same enlongated face, you slap a top hat on the Resident in Chief and they could pass for twins-if you don’t think they look alike-so what! Third, I never said New Orleans was the center of all debauchery and evil in the world, I just mentioned that was part of its history. It is called contrast. I was contrasting the character of the city with the character of Tiana who was wholesome and prudent, you might want to take a writing course, people who actually write novels and other fiction pieces do it all the time, it is part of the writing process, which you clearly do not understand or appreciate. Furthermore, I gave my reason for comparing Islam and voodoo. Whether you agree with them or not is not really the point, I pointed out the similarities, you chose not to read them or comment directly on what I said the similarities were. Lastly, I don’t define God in my terms but in His. And I don’t care what you consider “hateful” because I am not worshipping Adi, I am worshipping Elohim through his Son and my saviour, Jesus Christ! You have no idea what kind of Christian I am but I already know you are not one! For your god, if you have one, is a matter of you feeling good about yourself no matter what. My God is my life and has used his power to restore my life, he is my anchor, he is my world, he is my everything. It is not about me feeling good, but me being the person he wants me to be. Not the person you want me to be.

  6. Excellent analogy. Except the Shadow is not islam as much as it is his communist training. The real Shadow man is the head of the “Shadow Party”, George Soros. His love for the power of communism and his admitted desire to bring the the US funds the Progressive front groups and fills the coffers of progressive candidates. I recommend reading “The Shadow Party” by David Horowitz. It will all make sense.

  7. I agree Sheep Stumper, I was showing the parallels of the Shadow Man’s religion and Obama’s but you are right socialism is his true religion moreso than Islam because should his Muslim buddies get to be too much of a detriment to him, he would throw them under the bus like he did with Reverend Wright. The man is a sociopath and needs to be institutionalized, not President.

  8. I watched this movie for the first time last night with my granddaughter and thought the same thing… before I read this page… my 2 cents.

  9. I saw this film for the first time last night and thought the same thing. Especially the part when Shadow Man mockingly laughed at the Prince when the “change” he expected turned out to be a nightmare.

  10. Really? What the hell are you talking about? I agree 100% on Adi comment, the Shadow Man and Obama look nothing alike even if you put a top hat on him. Plus I hate the fact that your trying to make Obama look bad as if he doesn’t give two shits about this world. Obama’s a good man who is doing everything he can to whip America back into shape, your just to upset to see that it takes time for his goal to achieve! Now I understand your a christian(as am I), but don’t spread hate and god on everything you say and expect that god would do EVERYTHING to solve your problems!

    p.s. Tiana’s father is exactly like Obama. A good hard working man with kids.

  11. I don’t have to make Obama look bad, he does that on his own without any help from and if you don’t like it that I don’t like Obama and his policies that are hurting our country, then too bad, I am going to continue to speak out against this man. Next, I don’t expect God to solve my problems, only the ones that are beyond my control. The ones I can do something about then I expect (as does He) to take care of them myself. Lastly, Obama is nothing like Tiana’s father, he had close to nothing but would feed the neighbors every night at his “restaurant” otherwise known as his front porch. When is the last time Obama took care of anyone besides himself?

  12. Well I don’t know when but I do know he helps people in need. I don’t think Obama’s just gonna stand around and be an ass hole at the the needy. Although I do know Obama can’t help everyone in the world, but come on you gotta cut the man some slack.

  13. First i would like to say the Shadow Man looks nothing like Obama.Really? What the hell are you talking about? He looks like the man who did the voice of the Shadow Man (I DO NOT REMBER HIS NAME LOOK HIM UP!!!). The only diffrence is that the Shadow Man happends to be vary skinny and has amazing dance moves. Shadow Man’s religion is not islam. Obama has nothing to do with this great movie. Obama can’t help everyone in the world, but come on you gotta cut the man some slack . obama has nothing to do with voodoo practitioner. And saying “both practice a religion whose sole purpose is control people and take away their free will.” is not only what i call plane stupid and rude. Vash 2D is right “Obama’s a good man who is doing everything he can to whip America back into shape, your just to upset to see that it takes time for his goal to achieve! Now I understand your a christian(as am I), but don’t spread hate and god on everything you say and expect that god would do EVERYTHING to solve your problems!”

  14. “Not only was the physical resemblance pretty obvious…”
    Cause he’s like, black?

    “Though to practice either one means to have disdain and hatred for Christianity and everything it represents.”
    Quote-worthy. No comment.

    “Shadow Man is a fitting name for Obama because he is forever trying to keep us in the dark.”
    I suppose the same would be a fitting name for most presidents then, no?

    You sound like an incredibly ignorant christian man. But God knows[PUN NOT INTENDED] nothing I could say would make a difference in your tainted logic.

  15. That was very comical Blacknright. While I disagree 99.995% I can appreciate your point of view and opinion. We are all entitled to speak our minds. I hope that your name is not a depiction of how you feel however…..

  16. You got to love how utterly stupid these people are! What is a noob? And if I suck why not just leave the site? I laugh out loud too at the insipid mindset that is the Obama crowd. Now go drink your Kool-Aid and leave things like writing to the literate people!

  17. Funny that you say conservatives work for everything they got…
    Say, isn’t the basis for Christianity the very concept of God giving man a large handout in the form of salvation that man somehow cannot achieve on his own?
    isn’t that the biggest handout there is?
    “You are such a screwup, humanity, that I will give you the handout of all handouts… my own son!?”
    God is such a socialist, ain’t He?
    So… in the end… embedded deep in christian religion itself, despite all your conservative sermons and big talk… is a massive human spiritual bailout by God himself! Because apparently, all of us cannot do it on our own! Ultimately, the lesson in the bible is that we needed Christ to bail us out of spiritual debt!!!

  18. You see… the problem with a lot of people… and this is not just conservatives… is they are brought up to worship royalty… Nobody would have voted for George bush jr. if his name happened to be Tom smith from Texas… Somehow, just because his dad was a good president, that automatically granted “prince” status to George Jr..
    And the electorate… hoo boy… they’re trained to worship status and wealth. And yeah, vote based on royalty… name recognition and lineage.
    This medieval mentality has to stop.

    Obama was nobody… but he managed to get people to vote him based solely on his track record and personality. The man has done lots of things for America’s poor in the past, you know…. All his life, the dude just works for the downtrodden in life… He doesn’t have weekend golf with his rich buddies… very much like Christ, in fact…

    If he was republican, you’d be all over his success story…
    Regular guy made good… Product of a single, hardworking mom…
    When you look at his life… he’s the one who pulled himself up by his own bootstraps.

    But just because he happens to think differently and have a different faith, you automatically hate him.

    On the flipside, you worship GW Bush Jr… a rich boy who had everything handed to him by his daddy. that’s not working hard to reach where you are. Everything about George has been handed down to him by his Dad –even the name and some of his Dad’s magic.
    He is the epitome of bailouts and handouts.
    He was never a working student and never had to struggle financially.

    His dad George Sr. got to where he was by working hard, that is a fact. And his Dad worked his way through the US government all the way up to being President for many, many years. His son rode on that name and his Dad’s success like a princeling but without the actual deeds to prove his worth.

    So tell me… who is the real American story?

  19. What God do you worship? Because the one I do expects us to work! He is a working deity. He doesn’t sit up there in heaven on a cloud eating bon bons and drinking beer! Yes, there are things only he can do for us, like pay the price for our salvation, but he expects us to 1) follow his commandments 2) be of service to others 3) work for our subsistence. Show me anywhere in the Bible, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, Doctrine and Covenants that it says, “Hey let God do everything for you and you just sit back and relax!” And no salvation is not a “handout.” We work for that salvation by following the example of Christ. Can we earn it on our own? Of course not, but that does not mean we are let off the hook. “But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead? James 2:20. You can call on Christ name all you want to but that is not going to save you. Actually putting some effort into changing your life is going to be what counts. Whether we succeed or not is not as important as the continuing effort to be righteous like Christ was righteous.
    And no God is not a socialist, because he values human freedom that is why he didn’t go with Satan’s plan that would’ve gotten everyone back to Heavenly Father but at the cost of their freedom. God would never take that from us-a socialist would. Satan is the socialist, not God.

  20. First of all, you don’t know anythig about me or who I worship, so don’t tell me who I am. I don’t worship George and many of his policies in terms of amnesty and illegal immigration I thought were totally wrong and hurt the American people! In fact, I only voted for him in 2004 because of his pro-life stance. I was totally anti-Bush before that, so you might want to check yourself. You have no idea who you are talking to! Next, can you prove anything that Obama did? NO! Supposedly he went to Occidental, so where are the records. Supposedly he went to Harvard and was the Editor of the Law Review, but he never published one article, so where’s the proof. He hasn’t supplied one shred of evidence to substantiate any of his claims of “success.” So unlike you who seems ready to swallow whatever he dishes out as the Gospel truth, I need to see some documentation! So no, he is not the real American story, heck we don’t even know if he is an American! He won’t release his birth certificate. Obama is an opportunist. When his friendship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright became too hot to handle, he threw him under the bus. After his White grandmother took him in and raised him, he called he a “typical White racist!” “He voted against saving the lives of babies that survive abortions 3 times! Go check the record, that can be proven! He called his own theoretical grandchild “a punishment.” He signed an order to pay for abortions overseas as his first piece of business. He then signed an order to shut down Gitmo without so much as a back up plan. He has not brought any of our men home like you drones thought he would. In actuality, he said he was going to shift fronts, not bring them home! He has drove this country deeper into debt. These are his true accomplishments and not the manufactured ones you seem so willing to swallow.

  21. OMG…This Blog is so racist..I hate when people try to hide their racist ways and feelings behind God and their religion…SMH….

  22. or maybe obamas just a random black president (im black) bush is gone and shadowman is a cartoon… and blacknright is a christian (like me) who looks into things a bit too deeply… there are no pigs in the sky… those are clouds and our minds are naturally putting a shape or order to it to understand, control ur own mind and find the true shape dont let ur inteligence confuse itself people… PEACE LOVE AND BLESSINGS ON ALL OF YOU (not just the people blacknright agrees with :P)

  23. MSCJ, did you happen to notice the name of the blog? It is called blacknright and for good reason, I am Black you dope! How in the world am I racist against Obama when I am Black myself! In fact, both me and Obama have a White mother and Black father! Just because I am not kissing his butt does not make me racist, but it does make you an imbecile because you are too busy drinking the Kool-Aid to know what is going on in this country and just how deeply we are sinking!

    Gharsha, you are much kinder than me. God bless you. And as for me thinking too deeply about this, I just made some random observations, I didn’t think it was any big deal. Yet I have gotten more mail about this than any of my other articles. I think the Left is taking this little piece way too seriously and they are not taking Obama seriously enough. That being said, I also wish you peace, love and blessings. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders. Be well.

  24. This might be a very long post, but I’ll try to keep my points short. I feel like making comments on everything I’ve read so far. Please let me also say I have not watched the movie, so, I cannot say anything about the character of the Shadowman, the comparisons made to him directly, etc. But, I am a philosopher, so I’ll make notes where I can.
    1: New Orleans is not THE home of voodoo or debauchery. As mentioned, there is much debauchery through out the world and much more debauchery in the thousands of years of history before New Orleans or the US ever existed. As for the Voodoo, no, it isn’t about taking one’s will away, if you ever looked at it closer. Parts, by the horrible misrepresentation of it in media, make it seem that way. Islam, the same. Not about taking away one’s will, and, in fact, is an Abrahamic religion just like Catholicism and Christianity. Obama is just about as much your ‘brutha’ perhaps as anyone in your congregation. In fact, try doing the tiniest bit of research and you will find that one form of voodoo has roots in a form of christianity. Yes, there are multiple forms of voodoo, as there are multiple forms of christianity. Methodist, Baptist, Protestants, etc. Some even trying to make arguments for Mormonism. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voodoo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haitian_Vodou
    2: As with any group there are positives and negatives to the stereotype, and sometimes, those positives or negatives are back up by statistics, such as the empirical evidence that says people with higher levels of education are more likely to be liberal. Following this, those who have only completed lower levels of education are most likely to be conservative. I’m not calling you stupid, I’m merely stating evidence. Empirical evidence is how we all learn, as well, so please do not try to refute it. If you hold a ball 3 feet in the air with nothing to suspend it, drop it, and it falls to the earth for a record of 10000000000 consecutive times, I would also expect it to fall the next time one held it up and dropped it. Just like, if I were to talk to a random person with a Ph.D. I would expect them to be liberal as I would expect someone who dropped out of high school to be conservative.
    3: Much can be said against Christianity about trying to control peoples’ wills. “Fear Mongering” and “Tur or Turur and turuists” (terror and terroists) as our past president, George W. Bush, called it, could be an explanation for Hell. It is used as a fear tactic to keep all the good boys and girls saying their prayers and fearing god who is a jealous god who wants you to stone the children if they curse your name along with stoning the neighbors for not worshiping and stoning midgets/dwarfs, etc. But no one reads or listens to Leviticus anymore. That’s just barbaric. But they still take Genesis word for word and think the world is 6000 years old because of some estimate by some bishop who tried to make an estimated guess based on life spans and the number of generations listed in the bible. So, we’ll follow this part of the bible, but not uhh that part… or that part… substitute stoning with “give a stern look to” and… Yeah, I think we’re good. Mmhmm, Christianity, in its many many many forms, is not trying to influence/control one’s will or actions AT ALL! Please do not try to dispute this either, because then this would turn into a multi-page effort that I don’t have the time for. The words are right there in black and white. The facts are in your face.
    4: Again, One form of Voodoo has roots in Christianity (a form of), and so, to practice it may NOT be so full of “hatred and disdain for Christianity and what it represents.”
    5: Shadow man, Eh? Keeping to the Shadows, not letting us see the truth? Shall I bring up the debacle of the WMD’s? And Why did he think sadam had WMD’s? Why were we fighting Sadam under the guise of the attack on Sept 11, 2001? I thought, by what the intel would have told the Bush Administration days to weeks before it happened, the intel that was ignored by the Administration, that it was “El Kaida” (phonetically spelled, as bush said it) that attacked and Sadam didn’t exactly have the ties to Bin Laden (who may or may not still be out in a cave somewhere) that Bush pretended he did. And some reports might even say that it was Bush senior who SOLD the WMD’s Junior was expecting Sadam to have, TO SADAM. But Is that not just speculation, eh?
    6: AHAHAHAHAHA! See what he did there! LOL! He used the word “Hope” in more than one way in the same sentence! BRILLIANT!
    7: Point Number 6 is to be read in a sarcastic manner. In case no one who is reading this caught that, I felt I should say it.
    8: Because Bush was compared to Hitler, and you think that that was wrong, you compared Obama to The Shadowman and you are perfectly right? This makes it all fine and dandy? *Shrugs* Not sure why your comment was made. Justification/Explanation? Not a very good one, if I might add.
    9: Racism can come in many forms. There are many instances with Black Racism against Blacks (and while I do not prefer the term, if people want to try and make everything about Black and White and Oriental, fine, I’ll use your words.). The example I mention is most common with the “Paperbag Method” of comparing one’s skin tone in lightness or darkness to a brown paper bag. I guess someone who is darker is to be “more black” “closer to the slave roots” “more gangster” etc. So, I jsut want to conclude this point by saying “Everyone’s a little bit racist, sometimes.” And Judgments are made upon stereotypes of all sorts of kinds. You may be looking at me as if I’m some godless bastard by now. I’m what most would call an atheist, but I refuse that label because I take NO religion since Atheism is just another religion, in my eyes. Ok, NOW am I a godless bastard to you? The judgments may not be right, the Judgments may lead to actions that are further unfounded, etc. Just Saying.
    10: Honestly, Ethically, just about everyone does what is best for them. Have you ever gotten a warm feeling by giving to charity? Helping someone else out in hopes others noticed you helped them out and will therefore look like a better person in their eyes? Nah, NOBODY would EVER do that.
    11: Bush took this country that had a multi trillion dollar surplus after the administration of Clinton and ran it into the ground (financially) and then started digging and kept on doing so for 8 years. Do not blame the left when the left was not in control at the time and do not blame the new administration for being in a shitty position if it was left that way by the previous administration. Oh, perhaps, since “We” were not in control of the problem it was GOD who did it. GOD Ran the country into the ground while it was under the control of ‘The Right!.’ Furthermore, going back a few decades, you can see a steady trend that democratic presidents more often raised the country’s economical status, as in, the national debt? Yeah, the debt decreased under “leftist” presidents and the “right” leaders of the nation led the debt to get worse, as in the number got bigger but there was still that negative sing to the left of it? Yeah…. http://zfacts.com/p/318.html
    12: Disney follows what the media wants and follows the stereotypes presented to society. I’m sure someone who is Korean or Japanese or Chinese wants to be characterized by the examples in Mulan. The Cherokee, Apache, Blackfoot, etc. etc… are to be characterized by the examples Pocahontas. I’m sure “the hard working black folk” can all identify with Tiana and the hardships of having to out run the cops, keeping their crack supply secure and… oh wait.. sorry… wrong type of “Hard working black folk.” Please Disregard the previous sentence. I’m sure that will be called out as being Racist. Try looking up the history of media in the US. I’m sure that “It wasn’t until 2009 that a black princess was shown” will not be the only surprising thing. And it may actually be more understandable how/why it took so long. I am not saying I agree with the hows and whys, just saying look at the facts.
    13: “I don’t have to make Bush look bad, he does that all on his own.” Or if you want, insert ANY politician’s name into this phrase and you will look SMART! Please give more solid examples next time. Also, try not to defend someone who gave the air of incompetence Bush did. And the Incompetence is not simply a media portrayal. “Gentleman’s C’s” as they are called are a sign of money, not intelligence.
    14: Wow, do you really not know of the Troller meme? *shrugs* Oh, and I’m sure YOUR drink of choice as a young’n was kool-aid, too, blacknright. (-_-)
    15: Sasha Hasani, if you come back and read this, I do want to thank you for your words. You were quite coherent (as most people have been on this blog, surprisingly enough) but to a greater level. The first question you asked was not “WHAT GOD DO YOU WORSHIP?!”
    16: Oh, there’s the question… heh, and look who asked it. Also, how do you know his name is Elohim? What about Jehovah, or Yahweh? They are perhaps just as valid options for the translation of the name of god. Speaking of, the Bible has bene translated from Hebrew to latin to english, etc… How do you know it was translated correctly in the version you read? What about the version that person read? Perhaps unless you read it in Hebrew, you won’t get the truest form of the words. Even then, there may be issues.
    17: Speaking of trying to find the truth: When it comes to politicians, pastors, and the like (those who have people follow them mostly by word of mouth), it’s hard to cut through all the bullshit, and there may be little to nothing left when/if you do. You were toting Bush’s name earlier in the blog and then go on to say that you were anti-bush (while I assume you were still conservative. That’s something that is not found so often and perhaps should be seen more: someone who is going against the grain of his partisan nature. Yes, I am assuming your partisanship, BlacknRight, by what you’ve said. In my opinion, we should do away with the Electoral College that was put in place because of the rural nature of the United States way back when and by the lower levels of education and the limited access to the knowledge of the issues and sides and platforms that was available way back when. Today, with the internet and TV, it’s hard to NOT be the tiniest bit informed. And you made your decision based upon a SINGLE criteria? Pro-Life, eh? Well… I’m sure that may be important to someone somewhere… but I personally think that you shouldn’t tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her own body as a fetus/embryo can be biologically classified as a parasite in many instances, whether you have a vagina and uterus or not. And ESPECIALLY not if you don’t have the above mentioned orifice and organ. A Bunch of men who sit around and think “Ehh, I bet the american public really want to make this a hot topic, so let’s use this for our platform and see if we can win this thing for ol’ Gee Dubya.” should have any right to put into law what a woman can or cannot do and/or the stipulations. Shall we tie them to a bed for 9 months?)
    18: I agree, Thank you Gharsha.
    19: On the subject of peace and love and wishes for blessings for people, I do wonder how someone who seems to make such judgments can be ‘christ-like.’ Is it our place, as humans, in your eyes that believes in an almighty of a sort, to say such things? To think such things? Or is 14 hail marries good enough and throw in a “bless his heart” and you’re good…
    20: For the record: I am Liberal, yes, but I am also independent. I think the party system should be done away with and that people need to look a bit beyond what color tie someone wears to really make a decision and vote for their own reasons instead of letting their decision being made for them by some ‘electoral college.’ I should also mention that if one looks at the numbers, voters in different states ACTUALLY count for more in deciding the president than those in other states. SURPRISE! Some states get practically ignored on ‘presidential voter gathering runs.’ *shrugs*

  25. Really twenty points. I gave up after 17. Sweetie, get a life. It was a five minute piece I wrote after seeing a Disney movie, it is nothing earth-shattering, so stop trying to make it more than it is. Geez, I write about abortion-zip. I write about gay marriage-nada. I compare Obama to a cartoon character and all hell breaks loose, just goes to show the Left doesn’t care for real issues, just silly manufactured ones.

  26. *shrugs* I found this because I saw “The Shadow Man” on a look-a-like page, and in googling it, I was lead here. I have not looked at other parts of your blog, and frankly don’t give a damn. Perhaps “The Left” doesn’t want to speak much with you after the level of ignorance you’ve shown and the disregard for the people and what they post. You said absolutely nothing of what I said in my post, and then tried to use its length as some backwards way of saying the “left” doesn’t care about “the issues.” Why not respond to anything of what I said to show that YOU actually DO care, eh? And not just talk AROUND my post, but respond to it directly. Or you can just tell me to fuck off, and I guess that will Really show me which one, The Right or the Left, if you and I are the representatives, REALLY cares about these issues.

    As for responding here about Abortion, as I assume form what you’ve said, you are pro-life… And I think you can guess that, if I must choose a side, I am pro-choice. But I will remind you, I don’t think men have a right to say anything about what a woman can/cannot do concerning her body and women, as a whole, have little right, but, if anything, THEY have more of a right than men to tell other women what they should/should not do. People have been getting abortions since WAY WAY back when. It’s going to happen. Period. Back alley abortions exist. It is an act of desperation. Perhaps providing a medical practitioner to perform the procedure will disallow so many womens’ lives being lost. That way when the abortion happens, perhaps only one life will be lost. What so mean “Pro-Lifers” seem to ignore is that NOBODY wants there to be abortions. The “Pro-choicers” simply want the women to not feel like they are being hunted for blasphemy. Perhaps going to an abortion clinic they can be counseled into carrying the baby to term. Perhaps the woman was going to do it anyway, but this wya, her life won’t be as at risk. I know of a woman, personally, who has drank tons of alcohol and taken lots of pills on more than one occasion to abort her babies… It’s sick and I disprove of it whole-heartedly. But what am I to do? find out when she’s pregnant and strap her to a table for 9 months?

    And Marriage was not an affair of the church. Before the bible was ever written (yes, there was time in history, even to the creationists, before which there was no bible). Marriage was and IS soemthign for the state, the government. NOT for the Church. And trying to use “ye olde book” rife with its own issues to justify a stance against “gay marriage” and trying to say “marriage is defined as a man and a woman, only, period, no exceptions” I must ask you what size are your balls to think you can decide this?

  27. I do not give a damn to look at other parts of your blog. I have already invested a little bit of my time here, so, why don’t you give me a response other than completely trying to ignore everything I’ve said. Is it simply you have no response for it? C’mon… I was trying to give you credit as you SEEMED to know the tiniest bits of what you were talking about. You believe you are right, now justify this belief. Epistemologically speaking, one of the most common definitions of knowledge is a justified and true belief.

  28. I’m sorry you want me to respond to your insane blatherings? If it will make you feel better, I will answer a few of them, but I am not going to waste my time answering all twenty.

    1) Yahweh/Jehovah is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ (Yeshua) was the Creator of the world under the direction of Heavenly Father, Elohim. Jesus Christ is a separate being from Heavenly Father. If you want to learn more about this go to http://www.lds.org

    2) Your whole educated=liberal is a bunch of crap. Having a degree doesn’t make one more intelligent. Intelligence has absolutely nothing with having a degree. My son has been tested as gifted and is far more intelligent than a lot of adults I know and he is only six-therefore no degree. One of my college professors needed help spelling common words and he had a degree! Intelligence is not based on the initials after your name. All a college degree means is you are trained in a certain area-it doesn’t mean you are more “educated” or more intelligent. The public school system failed me so I had to educate myself. To those who consider themselves educated are vastly more stupid because they feel they can get an education in four years. Education is a lifelong process of learning, growing and seeking the truth. Some the liberal elite knows absolutely nothing about.

    3) It is cowards like you why we allow abortions. Instead of saying, we will help you in whatever you need to keep your child you throw up your hands and say “What can I do?” You can man up is what you can do! You can keep you damn zipper zipped is what you can do! You can respect women and not lay with her until you are married is what you can do! You can help crisis pregnancy centers is what you can do! You can jail abortionists is what you can do! You can jail the man who forces his girlfriend to undergo an abortion is what you can do! But no, you are too much of a coward to do anything!

  29. OH! You’re MORMON, Not Christian! Haha, silly mormon.

    And fine, your son is perhaps smarter than many adults who have degrees. That may be. But are all 6 year olds smarter than adults who have degrees? I would think not. Can one get a whole life’s education in 4 years? I think not. BUT! And this may be the part you’re trying to REALLLLLLLLY gloss over so you can make your point (for which you are wrong by the way, empirically speaking) is that a 4 year degree, a Bachelors, is from a liberal arts school. The 2 year degree is the associates which, yes, trains you in one field supremely. Liberal arts (named that from lots of history I could go into but you don’t give a damn anyway and probably hate it just because it has the word liberal in it) degrees teach you a great deal in one field but also require you to take a bit of everything. You are educated in more than just one field. Masters and Ph.D.s may be more targeted, but, again, you have to be a rounded person to achieve them. If you go back and read again, I repeat, empirically speaking, people with degrees are more likely to be liberal. I also assert that people with degrees are more likely to be educated. I would think a college grad is mroe intelligent than a high shcool drop out, on average. Otherwise, the paper means nothing, the diploma (for college, highschool, etc…) means nothing, and centuries to LITERALLY millenia of history of human education means hardly a thing. Is that what you think? Do you ever use a car? doctor? etc….. They are trained in their field, the engineers, med techs, etc, but if that means nothing, why use anything? Why not go be a meninite? Also, if your 6 year old is smarter than your doctor, uhhh…. Get a new doctor. Unles your son is gifted with an IQ of… well, if the doctor is as young as he can be which is about 25…. has an average IQ of 100 and your son is 6 … Your son’s IQ has to be 417.

    As for your arguments (cookie cutters in a wya, among other issues with them) agaisnt abortion clinics, well, go look on the itnernet, there are plenty of people out there who have alreayd refuted them.

  30. I am not going to waste my time with you anymore. You are simply an elitist who thinks he knows everything, which you clearly do not! Whether you think I am Christian is irrelevant, Christ knows I am his disciple, I can care less if you agree with him or not. Don’t answer back your post will be deleted.

  31. Sweetie, you better be careful. Your comments are making you sound unpatriotic. You’re talking about the leader of our great nation and the Commander in Chief of our armed forces. Show a little more respect.

    Love, Dick

  32. I saw this because I googled “Obama shadow man” after watching the movie and noticing the same thing.

    Also funny about how he pretends to save everyone while in exchange for more and more controlling power over them. This concept seems much like the Socialism we may one day live under if Obama keeps it up.

  33. It totally agree, you give up more and more of your liberty to live under a socialistic regime. Read my article “I Am Your Warning: My Socialist Life” to learn what it is like when the government controls your life.

  34. This is too funny. Obama doesnt even have a mustache and the only reason why he “resembles” the villian is because he, like the villian, is two shades darker than Caucasian. Im black and white like Obama. He’s not the first black president, he’s just the first with a different heritage. And so what if you THINK he was practicing muslim? (Which he doesn’t since he celebrates CHRISTmas haha). Doesnt he have that right? Even if you think all Muslims are terrorists (which they arent) just because of 9/11, aren’t there plenty of cases where Christians have taken it overboard and killed thousands of people too? An abortion clinic and two physicians’ offices in Pensacola, Florida were bombed by 4 people as “a gift to Jesus on his birthday.”
    Just saying, be considerate. Im a christian but I won’t allow you to trample on someone else’s rights to practice their religion just because some radicals made that religion look bad.

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