Fearing FEMA

A new video comes out today called Camp FEMA.  In it, it insinuates the government is in preparation for creating what is nothing more than a concentration camp to imprison those people (like moi!) who oppose the governmental take over of our lives. Whether it is true or not, remains to be seen but it is seeming more likely that they are telling the truth. 

A recent piece of legislation is being passed through Congress. It is called the Edward M. Kennedy Serve Act.  While most of it seems benign there is a very dangerous part that no one is paying attention to.

Creates a National Service Reserve Corps of former national service participants and veterans who will be trained to deploy, in coordination with FEMA, in the event of disasters.  http://bit.ly/265jHy

During his campaign Obama talked about having a civilian army (I thought we already had 2!   People we call “police” and the National Guard, but what do I know right?) and incorporating the youth into this army (Can you say Hitler Youth people?).  Now FEMA has been given authority it should never have been given.  FEMA has the authority to  declare anything it wants to “a disaster” declare martial law and take over.  FEMA was created by Jimmy Carter in 1979 via Executive Order 12127. While nothing sinister arises in the Executive Order, it just generally absorbs other federal agencies and gives its power to FEMA (less bureaucracy is always a good thing)  I found this particularly telling on FEMA’s website.

John Macy was named as FEMA’s first director. Macy emphasized the similarities between natural hazards preparedness and the civil defense activities. FEMA began development of an Integrated Emergency Management System with an all-hazards approach that included “direction, control and warning systems which are common to the full range of emergencies from small isolated events to the ultimate emergency – war.”

So we got a non-military, federally funded, bureaucracy organizing for war? Isn’t that why we have the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and National Guard for? Isn’t that what we train them for? So why is FEMA preparing for war? And exactly what “war” are they preparing for? Is it this one?

Is this what the taxpayers are paying for? To take away the guns of citizens. To set up makeshift concentration camps when they see fit? To detain citizens without due process or due cause? FEMA has the ability to impose martial law in any situation they deem “a state of emergency.”  If we continue to allow FEMA to run amok what is going to happen when they come after us? It is time we wake up and see what is happening around us. It is time to hold the President accountable for his lies and crimes. It is time we clean house of all these corrupt Congress men and women. It is time we return to limited government and a government by the people, of the people and for the people. It is time we reclaim our dignity, our land and our Constitution. Will you join me or are you already in Camp FEMA?



4 thoughts on “Fearing FEMA

  1. There are a lot of new and strange changes coming to this country it seems. It’s hard sometimes to keep up with it all, but keep up we must! Freedom is much easier to keep while democracy lasts than to try to reform from the ashes later. Keep it up!

  2. EXCELLENT blog! I’ve just spent a lot of time reading different titles and they were full of excellent observations and things I’d thought of on my own but hadn’t defined as well. I’ll keep reading and hope you keep writing!

  3. I love your people! I quote FEMA’s own site and that is propaganda-that is rich! Good luck to you when all your rights get stolen! Don’t worry people like me and other conservatives will be fighting for even “shameless jackasses” like yourself.

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