A Prayer for My Brother

I don’t usually do stuff like this but I would like everyone out there who reads my blog regularly to take the time to say a prayer for my brother. He had back surgery today because his disk somehow got splintered and was piercing into his nerves. He has been in my thoughts all day and I am hoping he will be okay.

I have three siblings. My oldest sister, Laura who has always been like a mother figure to me. My brother, Leonard (he’s the one having surgery) who has always been my hero and my other brother, Jeff who has always been my buddy. Each one special and precious to me.  There was always something about Len though, something that made me go, “Boy I wish I could be like him when I grow up.”   He was smart without having to try really hard to be.  I had to struggle for every grain o f knowledge I ever attained.  He was funny and charming. All my friends were in love with him.  Of course, I thought they all had mental problems-he’s my brother, he’s not cute. LOL  And though he didn’t go around telling me he loved me all the time, I knew he did.

One time in high school he was seeing this girl. I forget her name at this point but she was from San Marino, California and San Marino is known for being racist.  Or at least that is how us Pasadena folk viewed them.  In any case, he was going out with her and then she met me.  He never saw her again. I can’t say definitely him having a Black sister was the cause of that break up and because he is a decent and honorable man he would never tell me if it had been. [Besides his wife now is ten times the woman that San Marino babe was. ]  But I always suspected which just made me love him more. I sort of envisioned him going, “Hey if you got a problem with my sister, then you are not worth the time of day! Bye!” Oh yeah, I didnt mention, all my siblings are White did I? LOL Might be helpful information.

Leonard went to Occidental College.  In fact, Obama was just graduating from Occidental as Leonard was entering. I thank God for that, could you imagine if they had gone at the same time and would’ve befriended each other there? I could’ve had Obama having dinner at my house! Perish the thought! He later went to Oxford and UCLA (my mother, sister and nephew all attended USC-so we got our own little cross town rivalry going in our family. LOL) and became a corporate lawyer. He left law some years ago to go into real estate.  He has been married for about 17 years and has two girls. One is 15 and the other is 13.  They are the spitting image of their mother-quite beautiful!

Anyway that is my brother and now that you know a little about him maybe saying that prayer for him will be a little easier.  When he was born he almost died, heart problems, the doctors didn’t think he would make it but here we are 46 years later and so far a life well spent.  Let’s pray he gets 46 years more! If anyone deserves a long life it is my hero, my brother, Leonard Paul Leichnitz.


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