North Korea Launches Rocket


Missile on launch pad

Okay the title pretty well says it all.  I don’t even know how to begin.  Didn’t we see this coming? Haven’t we warned America that Kim Jong II is a madman with no respect for anyone’s authority but his own? Haven’t the conservatives of this nation been saying for years now that Kim Jong II is a serious threat to us and the rest of the civilized world? Even more so than Iraq and Afghanistan? But did anyone listen? NOOOOOOO! Now,  he has launched a rocket that has landed in the waters between Korea and Japan.

NKorea launches rocket, defying world pressure

kim-jong-iiKim Jong II is saying they were just launching a satellite.  I guess they are trying to get ready for June 12, 2009 when tv goes digital.  Maybe Direct TV didn’t show up between 8 am and 12 noon like promised so good ol’ Kim decided, “You know what if you want something done right you have got to do it yourself.” So he attached a satellite to a rocket and sent it spiraling into space never thinking that the rest of the world might think he IS TESTING MISSILES!!!! Yeah that must be it.  And I drink 7 up because it is made of “all natural ingredients!’ Come on does this guy really think we’re stupid?

According to the Yahoo article, Obama had this to say about the situation:  “President Barack Obama warned the move would further isolate the communist nation.”  Hello, we are talking about Kim Jong here not Dale Carnegie, I don’t think the first thing on the mind of North Korea is making friends and influencing people! He’s not you, Obama, he can care less if the rest of the world likes him or not! Then there is all this indignation that North Korea went against UN resolutions.  Yeah because we all know how honorable nutjob tyrants are!

A special UN sesssion has been called for Sunday and it is being called for stronger sanctions against North Korea.  I can understand why, they have done a bang up job so far quelling that North Korean threat haven’t they?  The two hold outs they are most worried about is Russia and China-North Korea’s closest ally.  Surprise, surprise-Russia and China-because we all know just what a bedrock of democracy those two countries are.

The whole thing is unsettling.  Armageddon is fast approaching and people are not paying attention. Welcome to the new world order people, the demise of human liberty is very immient.


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