B.O. Tries To Charge Veterans For War Injuries

bo1Once again B.O. proves just what a stinker he is.  He has come up with a plan that will charge the veteran’s private insurance for injuries that they sustained while in battle.  This is totally unacceptable. These people have made a noble sacrifice and are fighting for our freedom and we are going to pick their pockets for injuries they sustained while fighting for us! Obama has no sense of decency or morality.  The government sent them over there, the government should pay!

Okay so veterans need to pay for their health care but illegal invaders veteran-picture2do not! That is unconscionable! What have illegal invaders given us besides crime, high unemployment,  rotten schools,  disease and death? What have our veterans given us-EVERYTHING!!! It is time we get on the horn to Obama and let him know we won’t allow him to dishonor the men and women who have given their lives to protecting us from terrorists, both domestic and foreign.

The VA is very upset about this and is calling for Obamo to halt the legislation.   As I was looking for the link I had for this, I found out that Obama’s dementia lifted and he is going to halt the legislation for this insane proposition.  At least this shows he does have the capacity to listen to the American people and not just the radical left and though I am glad he did the right thing, it shouldn’t have even been a suggestion for legislation anyway.

Obama Drops Controversial Third-Party Billing Proposal for Veterans

The last thing our vets need to worry about when trying to reclaim their lives after suffering traumatic war injuries is how they are going to foot the bill.  I find the result heartening because it shows that Obama can be stopped and that he and the Left just can’t ride roughshod over the good, God-fearing people and get away with it. God bless everyone who stood this bullying Leftist and his abhorrent legislation.


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