Straight Off the Team

Okay we knew this day was coming didn’t we? I know I was expecting it any day now and here it is. A young woman is kicked off her baskegball team and loses her scholarship because shes………STRAIGHT!!! That’s right, straight is the new gay.  How long before this kind of discrimination is commonplace?  Anyway, here is the story.

brooke-heike Brooke Heike is a 20 year old sophmore at Central Michigan University. She was a top performing basketball player in high school and took that skill to Central Michigan University (CMU) where she received a scholarship. However, now the sophmore’s scholarship is in jeopardy because the girls’ basketball coach has decided she has a problem with Brooke being straight or as she put it too girly girl.  Such behavior is not new for Sue Guvara, the coach, who was fired from her previous job for similar behavior. (Why do they even bother asking for previous employment on job applications if they don’t bother to even check them out.)

So Brooke is suing. Because of Coach Guvara’s attitude Brooke was forced to hire her own personal trainer. And even after all that she was told her scholarship was being pulled. Not for any academic reasons, not because she had broken the law and was in some kind of trouble but simply because the coach wanted it that way.  The whole incident is appalling and I hope Brooke makes the college pay.  These institutions have to stand accountable. Whether it is calling someone a fascist “b*****d”  or allowing this kind of blatant sexual discrimination to take place, they have to know that the American people are not going to sit by and allow them to do whatever they want. They are there to teach students, not to hit on them.


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