Woman Marries Dolphin (No, I Am Not Joking!)

dolphinGay activists have said for years that their ability to marry would not open the door for these insane practices.  They couldn’t say why not but often said we were just using it as a smokescreen to deny them the rights they so deserved.  So now it has finally happened.  A woman has “married” a dolphin.  Now, no one loves dolphins more than me but come on people-this is sick!

And did anyone ask the dolphin if  he wanted to “marry” this crazy woman? If you are so gung ho on animal rights, shouldn’t this dolphin had been consulted before forced into a marriage with some broad he has seen a handful of times over his 35 years.  Now it is stuck with this partner it did not choose! We are always saying people should be able to pick their own marriage partners, shouldn’t that go for dolphins too? And how is the dolphin going to explain this to his “old lady” that he might already have?

The marriage took place in Israel of all places.  You know Jesus is up there going, “Okay you know that whole “Chosen People”  thing? I take it back! You guys are a bunch of loons!” The woman who married the dolphin is named Sharon Tendler.  She is a 41 year old  Jewish British woman.  The dolphin she married is “Cindy.” (What a mean thing to do to a “man” give him a girly name like Cindy!) Sharon has declared, “I’m so happy. I made a dream come true, and I am not a pervert.” Isn’t that the first thing you say when you ARE in fact, a pervert.  No one ever says, “I love my husband….and I am not a pervert.” It is the perverts who actually try to convince people they are not! Now this marriage is not actually legal….for now.  But it begs the question, why not?  Why shouldn’t we allow these two to be wed if marriage is all about love and children are not an integral part of the institution? After all, isn’t that what the gay community has been trying to convince us? Well these two “love” each other and they definitely won’t be having children, so why can’t they marry and have it legally recognized as such?

Gay activists say it is about equality. Well then why are taking an institution that is already equal and making unequal? Marriage as it stands today says, “One man MUST marry one woman.” The woman is recognized as integral to the institution of marriage. And it will be women who will be adversely affected should gay activists get their way. After way, there are more gay men then lesbians, so gay marriage says “Women are unnecessary for the institution of marriage.”  Women’s rights will shrink under gay marriage because if marriage becomes a “right” then men will enforce that right to marry women they want to marry regardless if the woman wants to marry them or not.  You only have to look at arranged marriages to see who benefits the most from those-it is not the women. She has no say in the matter and forced to marry a man she doesn’t love.  And while the divorce rate may be lower in those instances, it is because it isn’t a real option for her to begin with.  Is this what we want to go back to? The days where marriage was forced upon women, when women had no say and when women were subjagated to males?

These counterfeits are not allowing us to progress but are in fact curtailing it.  We are not advancing but are in fact, regressing to a primal and in this case, quite literally, an animal state.  This is not enlightenment, it is chaos! God bless those who continue to tell the truth in this  matter and stand in defense of marriage.

For the whole article on this go here:


This news story was originally reported in Israeli newspaper-Yediot Ahronot


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