Prop 8 Justices to Uphold the Will of the People?

Michael McKee wrote a piece that looks like the judges who took away our right to decide same sex marriage last time might actually follow the law this time around. So far this has been a fight of semantics.  Is it a revision or an amendment? Is it a marriage or a domestic partnership? And while they are fighting over words, some of us are fighting for the institution of marriage.  Counterfeits like domestic partnerships, civil unions and other such fraudulent unions also need to be done away with. Just like we don’t allow people to use counterfeit money to pay their debts (I wish we did because I have a whole bunch of Monopoly money that would get me out of debt in no time!) we shouldn’t allow counterfeit marriages to be considered legal and binding in the eyes of the law. Such counterfeits undermine the true institution of marriage and make a mockery of it.

Michael McKee wrote back in July 2008 that the conservative movement backing Prop. 8 was crumbling because there seemed to be a dispute about one of the backers.
Of course what people like Michael McKee and the liberal establishment fails to realize is that though the liberal world is identified by the organizations in which they belong, the conservative world is not. If I up and decided to leave AFA, FRC, Silent No More, Exodus International or any of the other organizations I associate with, I would still be conservative. My views are my views and not the property of FRC. Of course, we see just how accurate he was about us crumbling. We passed Prop. 8 and now it time to uphold the will of the people.

The justices have 90 days to make a decision regarding Prop 8 but it looks like this time they are going to do the right thing and uphold the amendment. It is the No on Prop 8 people who are running scared and who continue to try to wrap this up in a false dichotomy of equality versus discrimination.  However, none of their arguments are based on any sound theory or scientific fact.  Whereas,  social science has continually found that the nuclear family is the ideal for the upbringing of children.  Feelings and emotions are great within that familial structure but to base our society and civilization on such shaky and unproven theories,  let alone emotions  to make maladjusted adults feel better about their abnormality is grossly dangerous.  It is time to stop thinking about the adults and start thinking about children-they are the ones who suffer in all this.


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