FDIC might be DOA

The AP reported today that the US government has issued a warning that the FDIC program which protects those people with money in the bank up to 250,000 dollars might be going bankrupt due to the recent financial woes suffered at the hand’s of the Democrats mismanangement during the whole Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac debacle, of which Obama received the second highest kickbacks to the tune of  150,000 dollars.

FDIC Warns US Bank Deposit Insurance Fund Could Tank

Now because of Obama’s greed and ambition to become President at all costs  along with his liberal pals who want to keep the poor under their thumb, the American people must endure another financial crisis.  Although people are trying to equate this to the Great Depression and though we are in serious financial straits we are still not quite at the level we were during the Depression.  Then again we don’t want to get to that point.

The FDIC was instituted by the FDR administration after the worst stock market crash we have experienced. It is ironic that the FDIC that FDR promised would save us is now going under. Much like the rest of his New Deal, it turned out to be a very bad deal for America.  By the government overstepping their bounds and not allowing the financial crisis to correct itself through the capitalist system of  the free market, American ingenuity and general resourcefulness, the American people became to be dependent on the government which was exactly what Herbert Hoover was trying to prevent and was vilianized for by the liberals of  his day.

Now here we are repeating the same pattern and just as FDR promised to restore us to greatness by inviting the government into our daily lives, B.O. is doing the same thing.  It is not going to be different people. We already know the policies of the Left always fail, yet we keep trusting them to pull us out of the water when they are the ones who threw us overboard to begin with. When will we learn?


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