Roland Burris Being Asked To Resign

burrisJim Durkin is asking Roland Burris to resign his seat due to contradictory statements made during Rod Blagojevitch’s impeachment hearing.  He also wants him investigated for perjury.  Gov. Pat Quinn is also calling for an explanation as well.

In an Associated Press article, Rupa Shenoy writes: “Sen. Roland Burris admitted in a document released Saturday that former Gov. Rod Blagojevitch’s brother asked him for campaign fundraising help before the governor appointed Burris to the Senate. The disclosure is at odds with Burris’ testimony in January when an Illinois House impeachment committee specifically asked if he had ever spoken to Robert Blagojevich or other aides to the now-deposed governor about the Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama.” (Associated Press. “Illinois GOP Leaderships Calls On Sen. Burris to Resign”.  Rupa Shenoy. February 16, 2009)

It has always been my contention that Roland Burris if he had any moral fiber at all should not have even entertained the notion of accepting the seat that had been the cause of scandal.  If he had any integrity, he would’ve told them to keep the seat and put it where the sun don’t shine or at the very least waited until another official who had the power to seat him offered it to him.  By allowing himself to be associated with Blagojevitch and then to possibly perjure himself he has done more to tarnish his reputation and the U.S. Senate then had he been wise to refuse the offer from the onset.

The B.O. presidency continues t be plagued by these type of scandal. There hasn’t been one day during his short tenure that someone hasn’t been caught doing something underhanded.  So much for that transparent presidency he told us about huh? Of course, I knew better because I could already see through him. It is just too bad the rest of America couldn’t.  So now we must find yet another Senator for the great state of Illinois. Will these troubles never cease?


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