Proposition 8 Under Attack!

On February 17th, the legislature will be debating on whether to overturn Proposition 8.  Proposition 8 is a legal binding resolution to our state constitution and the homosexual, being the sore losers they are, are trying to overturn it.  Instead of taking the time to actually taking the time to come up with a resolution that will repeal this current one and put it on the ballot and let the voters decide for yet a third time they want to bypass the people altogether. It is nothing but tyranny by a minority. They have no legal leg to stand on and they know it.

The practice of marriage is discriminatory in and of itself. It is too bad if a bunch of whiny, liberal babies do not like the nature of marriage, it is what it is. Marriage is not just about the love of two people, otherwise parents could marry their children, pedophiles could marry their victims,  siblings could marry each other.  All these unions are forbidden and all these people supposedly “love” each other, therefore love cannot be the only factor in a marriage.  Morality is a part of marriage whether they concede it is or not and homosexuality is immoral. No amount of bullying is going to change that fact.

In the meantime, get on the phone to your representatives and let them know we won’t stand idly by and let them destroy the voice of the people, who have spoken not once but twice on the subject. If the Gay Elite doesn’t like it, then let them do what the parental consent for abortion people keep doing-keep putting it on the ballot until you get the outcome you want! If pro-lifers can do it legally and without intimidation factors and without usurping the authority of the people then these overgrown crybabies can grow up and do the same.

Ask them to VOTE NO on HR 5!!
Vote Can Happen Anytime After 9:00 am on February 17, 2009!!
Legislator Name
Email Address
Mike Feuer, Chair (D)
916 319-2042
Assemblymember. Feuer@assembly.
Van Tran, Vice Chair (R)
916 319-2068
Assemblymember. tran@assembly.
Julia Brownley (D)
916 319-2041
Assemblymember. Brownley@ assembly.
Noreen Evans (D)
916 319-2007
Assemblymember. Evans@assembly.
Dave Jones (D)
916 319-2009
Assemblymember. jones@assembly.
Paul Krekorian (D)
916 319-2043
Assemblymember. Krekorian@ assembly.
Ted Lieu (D)
916 319-2053
Assemblymember. Lieu@assembly.
Bill Monning (D)
916 319-2027
Assemblymember. Monning@assembly
Steve Knight (R)
916 319-2036
Assemblymember. Knight@assembly.
Jim Nielsen (R)
916 319-2002
Assemblymember. Nielsen@assembly
For Assembly Judiciary Committee Members Websites and information
please go to: http://www.assembly newcomframeset. asp?
Ask them to VOTE NO on SR 7!!
Vote Can Happen Anytime After 1:00 pm on February 17, 2009!!
Senator’s Name
Email Address
Ellen Corbett, Chair (D)
916 651-4010
senator.corbett@ gov
Tom Harman, Vice Chair (R)
916 651-4035
senator.harman@ gov
Dean Florez (D)
916 651-4016
senator.florez@ gov
Mark Leno (D)
916 651-4003
senator.leno@ gov
Mimi Walters (R)
916 651-4033
senator.walters@ gov
For Senate Judiciary Committee Members Websites and information
please go to:
http://www.sen. sen/committee/ STANDING/ JUDICIARY/ _home1/PROF


7 thoughts on “Proposition 8 Under Attack!

  1. I think that if the court reverses this historic vote by the people of California, every citizen and organization that donated money to the cause should be reimbursed by the government.

    What ever happened to “we the people”? This was a voter turnout of record numbers. If it is overturned this sends a dangerous message about our governments true interpretation of “democracy”.

  2. I like your style Deanna! (By the way do you pronounce it like me-DE NA or DE ANNA) And I think you are right the government should have to reimburse everybody who contributed to the campaign. Moreover, I agree that the government overturning our vote sets a dangerous precedence and puts democracy in jeopardy. We need more informed people to take on these bullies who think they can do whatever they want because no one is paying attention.

  3. I love your tag line!

    You make a great point in saying that marriage is not only about “love.” I have always thought that is a very shallow argument. It is necessary to examine the the layers of consequences that such a stand could eventually lead to, which you very aptly point out.

    There is a moral dynamic here that must be addressed. And though individuals may have different ideas about what is and is not “moral,” it is up to society as a whole to determine what is to be accepted moral behavior within that society. Our society (nationally, as well as in the state of California) has clearly said that redefining marriage to include homosexual unions is not acceptable. For radical and tyrannical judges to thrust their version of morality on society is wrong.

    Keep fighting the good fight in California.

  4. We definitely will White Lily, all of us need to educate ourselves on the Constitution, the foundation of this country and Biblical principles. By knowing these things we better arm ourselves to take on the enemy. And even if you study the Bible only as a historical text and not a moral guide to humanity, having that knowledge at your disposal can only further your knowledge so when people who don’t know the Bible try to tell you what is in it, you can effectively fight their lies with the truth.

    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.
    Hosea 4:6

    Keep coming back White Lily!

  5. Well written! I appreciate all the links and contact info.

    I’m workin on an unbiased documentary following the prop 8 situation, and I would like to hear more opinions from conservatives. Frankly, Liberal opinons are a dime a dozen when it comes to this topic.

    please check out our site!

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