My Questions for B.O.

Larry Elder recently wrote a commentary in which he asked B.O. seven pertinent questions.  They were quite good and thought provoking questions.  But I would like to go Barbara Walters here for a minute and ask him some questions that are not quite as high brow but are still on my mind. So here they are:

1) B.O, do you suffer from some form of mental retardation that we are not aware of? Considering your appointments have all come under serious scrutiny and one just up and withdrew his nomination (Judd Gregg) before confirmation, it makes me doubt your capability to discern who will actually help this country.

2) Did you ever do any research in order to get your law degree.  No seriously dude, I am wondering because if you can research why haven’t you researched any of your nominees before putting their name in? If you don’t know how to research I will be happy to show you, it is really not that hard.

3) Why do you hate babies? I mean you go around voting four times to snuff their lives out if they survive a botched abortion. Even NARAL had no problems with the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, you on the other hand did. What is your problem? I mean when NARAL is the voice of reason, something is wrong somewhere. Why can’t you stand babies-it is really kind of creepy dude.

4)  Why do you keep lying about where you were born? We all know you were born in Kenya! Hawaii-ha! Seriously dude, when are you going to pony up a real birth certificate?

5) 787 billion dollars for stimulus? Are you kidding me? And where is this money going to come from exactly?  You so remind me of Satan when he offered Jesus the world if he would just follow him.  Never mind Jesus actually MADE the world! How is he going to give Jesus what is already his?! That never made sense to me and neither does taking people’s money and then tell them you are going to give it back to them, like you really gave them something! It was already theirs anyway!  But in the meantime they are left with an out of control deficit and spend crazy President. You really think this stimulus thing is going to score you points? What have you been smoking?

And my last question would be: 6) Why are you such a terrorist loving commie? Do you really think shutting down Gitmo, speaking on Arab television and trying to make friends with jihadists is going to make us safer? Or are you just trying to get us killed? Because if you want to blow yourself to kingdom come be my guest, just don’t take me with you!

And those would be my questions. What would yours be?


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