Judd Gregg Withdraws His Nomination

.Judd Gregg  of New Hampshire has withdrawn his nomination for the Commerce Secretary in the Obama administration, saying he made a mistake accepting in the first place due to the “irresolvable conflicts” with B.O’.s policies. Which translated into English means, “I’m sorry, my bad, you see my neurons just recently started firing and common sense kicked in and I remembered I am a Republican not some spend it all while you got it Democrat!”

You will often hear people say that partianship is a bad thing, that we need to reach out to those “across the aisle.” I say, reaching out only gets your hand cut off. It is time we stop trying to mend fences and start mending our country. I don’t want Republicans that get along with Democrats and when I was a brain dead Dem-I didn’t want them cozying up with the Republicans. It is time we stop trying to make friends with the Dems and start taking down their agenda.  While bipartisanship is fine outside the walls of Congress, it doesn’t work well inside because we don’t elect  people to represent the other guy’s interest but our own!

It seems to me that Judd Gregg is starting to realize that. And I commend him for realizing that joining Obama’s team does not make him a team player  but means he will have to check his own personal values and those who voted him in office at the door. It is time for more Republicans to stand up to the bully that is B.O. and let him know he may have won the election but he didn’t win the mandate and there still are many who are opposed to his reckless spending and other more important values.

It seems like B.O. can’t keep a Cabinet member because when they are not being denied appointment due to failure to pay taxes or some other sin, they are withdrawing on their own accord.  All this should tell you who B.O. is as a man but only if you are paying attention.

Judd Gregg  withdraws his nomination for  Commerce Secretary


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