Stimulus Passes by One Vote!

me-in-red-checkered-blouse1See people one vote does make a difference.  They needed 60 to pass the stimulus plan and got 61.  About 36 Republicans voted against it.  Well it is good to see at least 36 Republicans still have a pair and were able to stand up to B.O’s threat that if you didn’t vote for the stimulus package you hated America and wanted everyone to starve. Of course, I want to know what three didn’t even bother to vote at all. Not that three votes our way would’ve mattered they would still have the sixty one needed to pass it.

This whole concept that throwing money at problems somehow solves them is ridiculous. If that were true I wouldn’t have a problem in the world. No one is better at throwing money around than me. I am the Queen of Mismanaged Money.  And yet I have money problems….hmmm I wonder why that is!  Heck, I have always said if you wanted some inexperienced Black person to waste your money you should’ve voted for me! LOLman_throwing_money.

I wasn’t surprised to hear it passed the House, what I was surprised by was the narrow margin that it passed and that the Republicans actually listened to the people in office and not some Michael J. Fox type, spin doctor.  (Where is Alex P. Keaton when you need him?)

So where will this stimulus package lead us? Will it create more jobs? Will it bring us greater prosperity? And if it does at cost?  The New Deal supposedly brought greater prosperity but it also created a generation of me’s.  A generation who is patronized and told they need the government to take care of them.  It is also created the mindset that you are entitled to other people’s money. That you don’t ever need to grow up because you can move back in with Mom and Dad and they will take care of  you even when you are forty! That adult responsibility is something to be shunned.  Is this the greater promise FDR envisioned when he created the New Deal nearly eighty years ago? I think not.

But here we go again,  same liberalism, different president.  FDR was the great hope then but his policies gave us a weaker nation not a stronger one. B.O’s policies, especially in regards to us being part of  a global community, won’t leave us a nation at all and will bankrupt us morally and fiscally.  But such is the way of liberalism.


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