Government Quiz

I am back in school and so I will be taking a lot of quizzes myself, but I want to see how many people can answer the following questions about our government?

1)  How many amendments are part of the Bill of Rights?

2) Which came first the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation or the U.S. Constitution?

3)  What states ratified the U.S. Constitution and who were their signers?

4)  What number president was Benjamin Franklin?

5) How many amendments are there in the Constitution?

6) What was the last amendment to be included in the Constitution?

7)  Why do we have two Houses of Representatives?

8) Name the three branches of government and which branch does the President belong to?

9) What number amendment is the Equal Rights Amendment? Who was its author?

10)  What are the three things a president can do with a bill?

I decided to do only ten so far.  I will put the answers on another page, sort of like a scavenger hunt.  Let’s see how many of you know our government.


2 thoughts on “Government Quiz

  1. Hi,
    The Equal Rights Amendment isn’t in the Constitution, so it has no number. Suffragist Alice Paul wrote the first version and it was introduced into Congress in 1923.

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