Obama: “I Screwed Up.”

Obama made a mistake and admitted to it? Okay if that is not a sign of the Second Coming nothing is!  Obama is admitting to mishandling the Daschle affair. This is his second appointment to come under controversy because of the appointee’s tax problems.  First it was Geithner, now Daschle.  Oh yeah, Obama is a great judge of character.  But then the people who didn’t drink the Kool-Aid already knew that.

For full story go here:

Obama admits he messed up.


6 thoughts on “Obama: “I Screwed Up.”

  1. When is the last time you have heard a President of our country say “I screwed up?” This was the two part verb used by our president’s reference to Tom Daschle.

    I really think President Obama is trying to clean up Washington, but really doesn’t know how much disinfection it’s going to take. Here’s the link I base this aforementioned assumption on:


  2. Let’s see, 3 tax cheats, 14 lobbyists, a Chief of Staff that needs a lawyer to say anything regarding Blagojevich, catering to Islam, closing a prison for terrorists, abortions abroad to be funded-by you, and a stimulus bill that even Dems have a hard time swallowing. Did I leave anything out in the first week?

    Oh, almost forgot “pay to play” Bill Richardson.

  3. Love it RJ, with so many of his associates being brought up on charges it is hard to keep track. Trust me, if I surrounded myself with so many nefarious people do you think for one minute I would have my freedom now? I don’t think so.

    And Tom, of course, he is going to admit he screwed up, it is called spin. And there is none better at it. But spin or not, it is about time he admits he is wrong about anything.

  4. I watched the daily briefing with Robert Gates for the first time since he took that position. It is no surprise that Obama came out and admitted making a mistake after watching the skewering that Gates took for all the wrong choices made by Obama. I was shocked to see that the questioning throughout the briefing came from different news sources, not just Fox News. Gates just would not answer their questions about the vetting process and how embarrassing all of this is. It was pretty brutal, especially considering the subject. The briefing was maybe 40 minutes. Between 8-10 minutes or more came from five or six reporters at different times asking and/or re-asking questions about it.

  5. Hi Dena, just stopping by to say hi…not going to comment on the post cos I dont know one part of obama to another! ;)

    Hope all is good your side of the pond though.

    Free cash going on my blog if your up for a bit of fun!! :)


  6. Trust me Debs, be glad he is not the President where you are. LOL. The man has the common sense of a twig! He hasn’t done one thing right since taking office. Even Bush fared better than Obama when he was elected. It took over five years to fall on his face, Obama has done it in less than a month!

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