Why I Hate Twitter

There was an article today that says that Republicans Twitter more than Democrats.  Almost double the amount of Republicans  Twitter than Democrats. For those of you who are not familiar with Twitter. It is a very annoying little site that asks one question-What are you doing? That is supposed to connect people and spark conversations. Now how you are supposed to do all this in 140 characters or less,  I have no idea.  Anyway, I am gettting ahead of myself.  Here are my reasons I hate Twitter.

1) It  doesn’t do anything! With WordPress you have your blog, you can add videos, pictures,  text.  It can be long or short.  You can pick your background.  You are in control.  With Twitter, they are in control. They tell how long your answer to that annoying question can be. It doesn’t allow you to delete the junk you don’t want. It is a place where spam goes to get resurrected!

2) It only allows you 140 characters. Oh please, even when I barely write anything to my video posts, it is still more than 140 characters.  I don’t talk much in real life, all my conversations come out in my writing and you want me to keep it to 140 characters, are friggin’ kidding me?

3) It doesn’t allow your personality to come out. The choices of background are very limited. You have a picture that is so small that even if you were an atom, you would still have to squint to see it.  You get one sentence about yourself.  And a link for your blog.

4) You have all these followers supposedly following your updates but none of them are talking to YOU!!!!  Then why are you following me then if you are not going to talk to me? You have a bunch of messages that make absolutely no sense.  What if I just came up to you and just said, “Jason thinks the longitudal study of  Pfizer Pharmecuticals is….” and just stopped. Well first you want to know who the heck is Jason and why I am talking to about longitudal studies to you. Well imagine every conversation is like that and you have Twitter.  People are always “tweeting” part of conversations that have nothing to do with you. Well if you are not talking to me, don’t put it on my page! Put on the page that the person is responding to! I don’t want to know about all your conversations, just the conversations concerning me! If you are not talking to me, I really don’t care! But once you click them as a friend you get a minutae of conversations on your page that have absolutely nothing to do with anything you are talking about.  Now say I piqued your interest enough to want to know about those studies I was referring to good luck finding the thread that started it! It is nothing but chaos. Besides  if I wanted to be ignored with a billion people talking around me, I have my life for that, I certainly don’t need Twitter.

All in all, Twitter is mess.  Far superior network sites are Yahoo Groups, where if you miss part of the conversation you can go back and start from the beginning.  LDS Link Up, where you have forums, email and chat to keep in touch.  Reunion.com, where they do ask questions and you can pick which questions you want to answer or do a general entry.  Even Smart Girl Politics is vastly superior to Twitter.  But then again a horse using its hoof to tap out an answer is superior to Twitter. Because you can understand the horse.


5 thoughts on “Why I Hate Twitter

  1. I started using it just because. For me it is just a way to be notified of news reports from national and local sources. Some bloggers use it to notify people when they post a new entry. This has been helpful when I am not on my computer much. From time to time I will do a direct message to someone that is following me. Other than that I agree it pretty useless.

    A little over a month ago someone invited me to join Facebook. Funny enough some of the status updates remind me of Twitter. A lot of the young people say stuff like ‘I’m going to bed now’,. ‘I am upset at X’, etc. LOL

  2. I tried to use it to notify readers of my blog entries, didn’t work. Didn’t get a single hit from that. Alpha Inventions definitely sends me more traffic than Twitter. As for getting news I get that from Yahoo and AOL. Too much muck and mire to wade through to get any “good” news I can use in my blog. But I am glad you are getting some use of it, for me it was too frustrating for the little use I was getting from it.

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  4. So the issue with Twitter isn’t Twitter. It’s you. You can’t state a complete thought in a single sentence. Well, you choose your fault well; you’re certainly not alone. :-)

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