Octuplets’ Mom Has Six Other Children

A woman in California recently gave birth to eight children. All were born without any real problems and are doing fine. But now there is a media buzz because it has been found out that she had six other children.  Everyone is running around trying to figure out how much it will cost to raise fourteen children, blah, blah, blah.

Now I am one of four, so that is not a large family but my mother’s family is larger. Her father was one of ten.  I have a great grandfather who had twenty children. Ten of his own, ten that he adopted.  So I am not of this selfish mindset that smaller is better.  People are saying she won’t be able to afford them.  Why not? She has two advanced degrees that she can use to get employment.  She has a psychiatric technician’s  license, she has a degree in child and adolescent development and is currently working on a master’s degree. So this is not an unemployable woman.  Whether or not she is working is not clear but she clearly can be and she can earn enough to take care of her children.  We are not talking about a high school dropout with no marketable skills here.

Then you have the talk about how much money it is going to cost to send these children to college. Well, first who says all these children are going to want to go to college? Some might just learn a trade.  Still yet, they might all be geniuses and get full scholarships for college-you never know.  Besides, shouldn’t we be more focused on getting them home now then getting them into Harvard later?

The truth of the matter is that this is about abortion. She didn’t have one and so the liberals are hopping mad.  “She should’ve killed some of her babies to make it easy on the rest of us.”  “She shouldn’t have had anymore children to begin with.”  “The doctor should be brought up on malpractice charges. ” For people who are always talking about reproductive freedom they sure want to limit hers. It is none of my business if she wants to have eighty kids.  While fourteen kids may not be my cup of tea, I am sure not going to knock anyone who wants to have those many. If they don’t want me to judge women who have abortions then they need to be quiet about women who have more than one offspring. It is her right to choose, is it not?

Whether I think it is a good idea or not is not really any of my business. I am not the one who is going to be raising the children.  Just like the rest of these liberal pundits need to keep their traps shut. This is an individual, not a politician, not a public figure but simply an individual who has made an unpopular choice.  I think it is abominable the way everyone is digging into her past, it is none of your business! What happened to that precious privacy liberals are always chattering about? What about her privacy? Is she no longer due that?

But because I respect her privacy, I am not putting her name. Though you can find it if you want to. I am not putting too much distinguishing information about her because she doesn’t deserve to be hounded by the Liberal Elite.  God bless her and I hope she and all her children are happy and healthy.


4 thoughts on “Octuplets’ Mom Has Six Other Children

  1. She has only a bachelor’s degree; apparently she dropped out of her master’s program a year ago. That makes 1 degree (not an advanced degree btw). A tech’s license is just a license, not a degree. She is unemployed. Her mother has said for the record that she will not help raise the 14 of them. Her father is planning to go to Iraq to find work, since he is unemployed. Recall that her parents owed nearly a million on some real estate and had to move into the 1500 sq ft house she’ll inhabit with her 14 children. And all 14 children are under the age of 8. I’m willing to bet that your parents didn’t come from families with large-order multiple births like octuplets. One at a time is doable; 8 at a time- this lady will never sleep and is putting her children at risk because she cannot do it all.
    CA law forbids caregivers from caring for so many infants at once. For good reason.

  2. Okay I will correct my degree statement but that’s it. And please don’t sit there and spout to me about California law. California law tells me I have no right to know if my daughter is having an abortion. And there is actually a federal law that say I have no right to open a milk container for my son on school grounds. Now do I follow the stupid laws-like that milk container one-yes, I do. Even when I disagree with them because unlike some people I don’t have the time or the funds to pay off activist judges. But I digress, so don’t sit there and act like California law is this all knowing, all benevolent entity because I know firsthand that it is not!

    As for the rest of it, I am not going to knock her for being an unwed mother because I am too. And if you want to lay the blame somewhere blame on the feminists who keep telling women that they don’t need a man and that you can do the parent thing without him. Personally, I don’t see how any of this is mine or your business. I am kind of hoping she will let some of her children be adopted. I think that would be great, especially since I am adopted myself. But I am not going to tell her she has to. I am going to leave it up to her and God. Which is what everyone should do too.

    P.S. Just for clarification about the degree thing I erroneously put that because I know with some fields you need a license and a degree. Like with doctors, lawyers and my mother was a LCSW but she also had her master’s in social work. Others you need just a license like with drug and alcohol counseling. And the article I read said she was going for her master’s not that she had dropped out.

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  4. well i think good luck to her. yes its going to be hard, yes she is going to struggle but you tell me that she is not loving ALL of her children? tell me that she will not educate them to integrate into society and become people in their own rights.

    i think this mum will do fine, especially if people stop pecking away at the politics of her quantity. i mean, for goodness sake you cant plan twins much less 8!!!!!

    instead of people spouting off about her DO SOMETHING GOOD AND SUPPORTIVE. be who you SAY you are and quit slagging off a daughter of God who has made a choice to do her bit and then some.

    i’d love to meet her, i’d love to hang out with her and her children for a while. i really would.

    thats my 2p worth….:) and it wasnt aimed at you Dena, obviously, i’m on your corner here!


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