$240,000 T-Shirt

Raed Jarrar was paid $240,000 by US Transportation Security Authority officials and from JetBlue Airways. The reason being because he was asked to cover up his shirt with Arabic writing that said “We Will Not Be Silent.” Which to me sounds a lot like a threat anyway. Of course, only someone who reads Arabic fluently can vouch for that. For the rest of us how can we know that is indeed what it says? For all we know it could say Death to America!

Now he wasn’t barred from taking the flight, they just wanted him to cover his shirt. But the ACLU says that is discriminatory. I am tired of these suicidal nutjobs at the ACLU taking the cases of terrorists. Whether this man was one or not is not the point. Until the Muslim community stops the jihads, stops the beheadings, stops trying to wipe out all non-Muslims off the planet-they will be profiled! What would’ve happened if this Raed did hijack the plane and cause an incident? What if they could’ve stopped but didn’t because it would be “racial profiling?” I can care less about his feelings when people’s lives are at stake.

First of all, it is not “racial profiling!” It is terrorist profiling and if you don’t want to be thought of a terrorists tell your religion to stop acting like terrorists and a bunch of idiots! This man shouldn’t have been paid a red cent. So he had to cover his shirt! Grow up! We don’t trust Muslims and you have given us plenty of reasons not to. You have a violent, abhorrent religion and I will not apologize for that statement. I don’t like Satanists either!

Jet Blue handled the whole thing correctly and we should write them and let them know just because twelve morons awarded him money doesn’t mean we agree with them. Thank them for putting our safety first and not giving into political correctness. Political correctness is going to get us all killed. Personally, if you are Muslim and I was the pilot I wouldn’t let you on period. And with the women suicide bombers and them strapping bombs to their children, I would be more terrified of a “family” of Muslims than just an individual one.

It is time we stop pandering to this sick religion of Islam and their adherents, and start treating them like the enemy they have proven themselves to be. That is the way they treat us after all.

$240,000 T-Shirt -Full story


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