Happy Birthday-Featuring Piper

This video completely debunks the myth that men don’t regret abortion. After all, not all men are as cold-hearted as this person who posted this comment in regards to this song:

“I’ve aborted 7 children with 4 women and don’t feel bad what so ever. The Guy that wrote that is a f****t, and I hope he dies in the very near future…and Retard Let me restate, IF ur mom aborted you…things would be different..”

And if anyone would know about being a f****t, it would be the poster of that comment, because he sure as heck is not a man in any regard! For all you men, who have to live with your abortion mistake may God have mercy on your soul. And may you come to repent your actions like Piper has. For all you men who had no part in the decision whatsoever, I am truly sorry your child was snatched from you. May you both be reunited in heaven. God bless all the men suffering from abortion out there. And those who don’t have the human decency to suffer, may you roast in hell!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday-Featuring Piper

  1. You know the guy who made that hateful comment probably does regret the abortions. why else would he feel it necessary to make a statement like that. Otherwise he would’ve kept quiet.

  2. I know two men that have mentioned that they paid for abortions.

    One of them was the father of the baby. He definitely regretted it. At the time he spoke to me he was new in his faith in Christ. He knows that God forgives him but was going through the emotions that were expressed in this rap.

    The other man is one of the ministers at the church I attend. He and his wife paid for an abortion for a young woman that they knew that had gotten pregnant. From what I remember of the story the young woman had made her mind up but did not have the money for the abortion. Another situation where they did not realize what they had done. The couple repented after coming to Christ.

    I would think it would be a rare man that does not feel the impact of abortion. It amazes me that any of them would say anything about this. I’m glad to see that men are stepping up and telling the truth about it.

    I agree with Z. The man was convicted of his actions by this video. That is why he reacted the way he did. Most men keep quiet I’m sure. The estimates are 45-50 million of them taking place since Roe V Wade passed in 1973. I am old enough to remember this horrible Supreme Court decision. You do not hear of millions of men talking about paying for all these abortions. There is a reason for that. Shame and regret.

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