Kennedy and Obama

With Caroline Kennedy running for the Senate seat in New York and Obama’s presidency right around the corner (God help us!) there have been articles written about the similarities between JFK and Obama. (Well there is one difference right there, John F. Kennedy was known by his initials while Obama is known by his last name. However, with Obama’s initials being B.O. I think we should start calling him that! Especially since he is about to stink up this country real bad!)

So I have decided to do my own comparison of the two men.

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy

1) They were both media darlings. In fact, JFK was our first television president. Meaning he was the first president to really spend alot of his presidency before the news cameras. Starting with his national debate with Richard Nixon.
JFK killed Nixon in the election because he was a charming pretty boy while Nixon was far less photogenic and didn’t have that youthful idealism that JFK espoused. This election was no different between old man, McCain and youthful, energetic Obama.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

2) They were both frauds and surrounded themselves with disreputable people. People were always talking about Kennedy’s mob connection. Obama had Tony Rezko. Tony is about as reputable a businessman as I am a reputable astronaut! Obama also is friends with Bill Ayers, a man who is known to go around blowing up buildings. Let’s not forget Obama’s slums in Chicago and my all time favorite, Rod Blagojevitch! If anyone else was surrounded by so much scandal they would be serving time by now! Yet no matter what laws Kennedy broke he came away unscathed. The same with his brother Ted Kennedy who killed a young woman in a drunk driving accident. And let’s not forget William Smith who got away with rape. Being a Kennedy has its perks. So does the name Obama obviously, because no matter what despicable dealings he gets mixed up in-whether it is knocking all his competitors off the ballot or getting a million dollar house from his good friend, Tony-he comes out unscathed.

3) They both were beloved by Hollywood.  Marilyn Monroe was thought to be involved with both John and Robert and many believe they had the mob kill her for knowing too much.  Obama has Oprah and the rest of Hollywood fawning over his every move. It is quite sickening actually.


4) Both of them espoused the need for civil rights legislation and then Kennedy did nothing about it! He did not enact one civil rights bill as President telling Dr. King the time just wasn’t right yet. He also had Dr. King spied on by the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover who reported his ‘findings’ to his brother Robert. Basically, he was dishonest. The liberals are already frothing at the mouth because they don’t like Obama’s appointments. They don’t even like the guy he chose to do the invocation at his inauguration (Of course, their big problem is why the President is having a prayer at his inauguration at all.) The man hasn’t even taken office and his “supporters” are already attacking him. Obama was okay when he was attacking the Bible, the Constitution, sticking up for gay rights and aborting America. But the minute they saw him as reneging on those things they were out for blood. And if the gays really think he is going to help them get gay marriage they are in for a rude awakening!

5) They both served eight years in the Senate before becoming President. Though JFK also served in the House of Representatives from 1946-1951 before going to the Senate. Therefore, he had a little more experience than Obama did.

The diffrerences:

1) JFK served in the military, Obama has not. Therefore he understood about tactical strategies and since he had actually had seen action on his PT 109 boat, he understood the importance of leadership in that regard. JFK was hailed as a hero, Obama was hailed a “community organizer” who do you want to take into battle?


2) JFK literally saved the world during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Should such an incident happen during the Obama presidency we are all dead. When it came down to it, JFK wasn’t going to give in to threats and intimidation. Not only would Obama give in he would have a nice little chat-with no pre-conditions!

So while they do have a lot in common, the world was safer with JFK at the helm then it will ever be with Obama as commander-in-chief. God have mercy on our soul as Obama steals the Presidency.


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