If We’re Experiencing Global Warming, Why Am I So Friggin’ Cold?


I am constantly amazed at the amount of people who buy into the whole global warming myth. These same people call God a fairy tale but have fallen for the biggest hoax in the history of mankind. Let’s look at what Al Gore and his band of minions want us to believe:lightbulb1

1) Lightbulbs change the temperature of the sun!

2) Aerosol cans rip to shreds the ozone layer.

aerosol-cans13) Breathing is a pollutant!

I will admit I am completely ignorant when it comes to science. I am lucky to know I live on the third planet from the sun and I owe that knowledge to John Lithgow and his tv show “Third Rock from the Sun.” Well that and to Bill Nye the Science Guy who taught me how to remember all nine planets in order by which is closest to the sun-Mecury (My), Venus (Very), Earth (Eager), Mars (Mother), Jupiter (Just), Saturn (Served), Uranus (Us) , Neptune (Nine) and Pluto (Pizzas) (I know Pluto has been downgraded but I am not exactly trusting the scientific community these days, so a planet it stays!)

All that being said, I know enough to know that my little 60 watt bulb does not have enough power to light my bathroom most days but you expect me to believe it has enough to travel through my ceiling, go 93 million miles penetrating the atmosphere and reaches the sun and somehow manages to add heat to it? Are you frickin’ kidding me? And don’t tell me about the speed of light. This isn’t light-this a small filament lightbulb! Light is an independent force that can never be captured. What we are talking about here is a man-made representation of light. And I refuse to believe that CFLs are going to cool us down. And if we are heating up so much why am I freezing my tail off here?

The whole global warming theory is based on nothing more than a bunch of insane rantings by liberals and not on anything scientific. For instance explain to me how Right Guard deodorant can float up to the ozone layer of the Earth? Unless I went up in a rocket ship and started spraying deodorant everywhere, maybe then I would believe it could have some effect but as it stands now the whole thing is simply preposterous. Yet we have come to accept these things as fact. I will admit we can create smog which in turn creates unhealthy air quality, which can lead to sickness. But I am not buying air conditioning is going to be the death of this planet.

In fact while everyone is screaming about global warming, there has been SNOW IN LAS VEGAS within the last week!!!! When is the last time you heard of snow in Vegas?

“Last Wednesday (December 17, 2008) , the Las Vegas Valley officially recorded 3.6 inches of snow at the weather service office, with up to 8 inches in some locations.”

Snow in Las Vegas

On the 23rd it snowed again. But yeah, I can see how we are experiencing global warming. Not to mention there are other scientists who say we are experiencing a cooling trend. So which is it are we heating up or cooling down? Whatever it is I am not going to worry about it because I am NOT GOD and have no control over the Earth’s temperature. Then if you think you do, it is you that should seek professional help for your overinflated ego and while you do I that I will go put on another layer of clothing because I am freezing over here!


4 thoughts on “If We’re Experiencing Global Warming, Why Am I So Friggin’ Cold?

  1. As Parliament in London debated a bill to “cure” global warming by sucking more money out of the pockets of British subjects, it snowed. In October. In London. For the first time in 70 years.

    It was as delicious as the time when the consecration of the new Bishop of Durham was followed by a lightning bolt striking the York Minster. (David Jenkins didn’t believe in he Virgin Birth, among other things.)

  2. Good for you for rejecting the downgrade of Pluto. You are not alone, though. Only four percent of the International Astronomical Union voted on this, and most are not planetary scientists. Their decision was immediately opposed by a petition of an equal number of professional astronomers led by Alan Stern, Principal Investigator of NASA’s New Horizons probe to Pluto. Pluto is still very much a planet!

  3. Thanks Catholic Mom, I love your post. People always use God striking you down by lightning to illustrate Divine Retribution, but I think this is the first actual case of it I have heard-you go God! LOL.

    Zabeth, you have a point about it being called “Climate Change” to cover their bases, but no matter what they call it, it is the height of arrogance to think we can someone control the sun (I think they have been watching too much of the Simpsons. And isn’t Al Gore the voice of Montgomery Burns anyway? LOL) or any of the weather patterns. So I got this novel idea, I will help fix things we can actually do something about like clean water, air pollution and littering. I will leave the climate change up to God. Sounds like a sane approach to me but then leftists are not known for their sanity.

    Laura, thank you for letting me know about Pluto and I am glad to know I am not alone in my defense of Mickey’s dog, he is definitely the best…..hold on…..oh they were dissin’ the planet….well either way Pluto rocks! Seriously though, to discard fundamental knowledge by simply voting is crazy. Changes should only be allowed because of verifiable data has recently been brought to light, not because some pipsqueaks took a vote. It is good to know this wasn’t a scientific consensus but a small band of so called scientists who cared nothing of scientific procedures and facts.

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