UN Accepts Declaration on Sexual Orientation

Why we don’t just withdraw ourselves from the UN is beyond me. People act like such an act would be unthinkable. Hello, we were responsible for helping to start the United Nations after the League of Nations fell flat on its face. We withdrew from the League back in the day so why can’t we withdraw now? The UN is nothing but a grouping of brutish dictatorships trying to pass themselves as respectable by aligning themselves with the limited democracies that are a part of this cesspool of iniquity. Okay now that I have had my say, on with the article.

The French, who haven’t done anything valiant since Joan of Arc, have put forth a declaration that would essentially codify sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination into international law. While it is supposedly just a declaration with no real enforcement powers, it won’t be long before it is used in that regard. Sixty-seven nations have already signed the declaration, however, the U.S was not one of them. Of course, we know under Barack that could change. The gist of it is this, they are trying to decriminalize sodomy. But let’s look at what sodomy unleashed has given us.


Matt Forman

HIV/AIDS-with 70% of all people with HIV being gay men you can’t sit there and say it is not a gay disease. It is a gay disease. In fact it’s original name was GRID-Gay Related Immune Deficiency. The gay community once again bullied, threatened and intimidated until it was changed to AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. In fact back in February of this year, Matt Forman the outgoing president of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force had this to say about AIDS:He told them, “Folks, with 70% of the people in this country living with HIV being gay or bi(sexual), we cannot deny that HIV is a gay disease. We have to own that and face up to that.” But I guess he is suffering from internal homophobia huh? LOL

Respectability for NAMBLA and other perverts-to think such an organization could exist out in the open is outrageous but it is largely due to the gay community. Though in public, they have tried to distance themselves from these pedophiles, they have always accepted them as being part of the gay community. Read “After the Ball: How America will Conquer Their Fear and Hatred of Homosexuality in the 90’s. ” where the authors admit as much. There is also a strong correlation sexual abuse as a boy by adult men who then later identify as gay men. It would be downright foolish to deny such a connection. In fact, NAMBLA men feel they are doing something honorable by teaching young boys about pederasty. It is sick and too many define themselves homosexual because of someone else’s depravity.

School indoctrination-you can now find Gay-Straight Alliances in every public high school in the nation. Of course, the focus is on “alternative'” lifestyles and none of it has anything to do with promoting heterosexuality. It is just there to make it look more inclusive then it really is. The Gay-Straight Alliances under the guidance of GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) have had a tremendous impact on what is taught in the school in regards to sexuality. Their anti-bullying campaign is pretty ironic since that is the only tactic the gay activists have their disposal to make sure their agenda goes through. I guess it is not okay to bully gays but it is okay to bully Christians, Mormons, straight White males, and anyone else who disagrees with them.


Bathhouses-the only place in the Union where brothels are legal is in Nevada. Reno, more specifically-yet gays are allowed unfettered access to their bathhouses. Even though such establishments only contribute to more STDs and are a threat to public safety they are allowed to exist. Had all these establishments been shut down at the onset of the AIDS crisis and not allowed to re-open there wouldn’t be 70 percent of gay men living with the disease today.the_bowery_-_10_cent_turkish_bath

I could go on but I think you get the gist of it. Homosexuality unchecked hasn’t contributed one positive thing to society. In fact, it has caused more damage that we will paying for, for a long time to come. To continue to go down this road is insanity. Gays should not be encouraged in their lifestyle. Just like we don’t encourage people to overeat, drink alcohol excessively or take dangerous illegal drugs, we shouldn’t encourage homosexuality but should do everything we can to fight against it. We should not take child molestation in this country so lightly. We should support organizations like Exodus International, Evergreen, Homosexuals Anonymous and other ministries that have been successful in having homosexual walk away from the gay life and lead happy, joyous lives. We should oppose all legislation that grants special rights to homosexuals since it is clearly a reversible condition. We should let the UN know they need to stopping bowing to political correctness, clean up their act or we are bailing! It is time we start dealing with the truth of homosexuality and stop believing the lies, too many lives are at risk to do otherwise.


4 thoughts on “UN Accepts Declaration on Sexual Orientation

  1. Never realized I would be the downfall of modern society. Tried to love a girl. Never happened. Emotional connection with another man. We both consent. Hurts when I’m compared to goat and child fuckers. Feel like there’s a difference.

    Don’t understand the hatred. Just want to be happy. Denied it so much. Want to cry. Want to fight back. Perhaps I should have made a different choice.

  2. I want to cry too Jared. I want to cry because homosexuals cut their lifespan by 20 years-but that’s okay with everyone. I want to cry because homosexual sex brings so many diseases with it, some that only gay men get-and that’s okay with everyone. I want to cry because no cares that homosexuality kills and it feels like I talking into the wind half of the time. If I hated gays, I wouldn’t care. If I hated gays it wouldn’t break my heart to know Satan is doing his damndest to bring down my brothers ands sisters and I feel helpless to stop it!

    So yeah I fight back and yeah I get angry. And I get livid by the people who are profiting off AIDS, faulty condoms and my gay brothers and sisters. If it comes off as hate, it is because i am tired of the lies. I am tired of the deception. I am tired of being called a bigot because I want to save people from the same depraved path I went down. Just because I did it with men instead of women doesn’t mean I don’t know a thing or two about deviant sexual behavior! So yes, I get angry because I lived their lies as well and I feel it is my duty to save the next person. Trust me Jared, if I hated you. I wouldn’t talk about you, I wouldn’t think about you, I would just let “your kind” die and probably laugh as you did. But I think people deserve the truth and I may not always be nice about it. But I would rather hurt someone with the truth then “love” them with a lie. God bless you Jared and I hope you find what you are looking for.

  3. I do not know why you are degrading my organization (NAMBLA) just so you can have an example which seems to be easy to take a shot at. You obviously so not understand the tenets of our organizations or the benefits of man/boy love.

  4. There are no benefits you freak! You are a disgusting pervert and if you ever touched my son I would hunt you down and kill you like the rabid dog you are!

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