Pardo Me, While I Make a Killing

bruce-jeffrey-pardoBruce Jeffrey Pardo was dressed up as Santa when he went beserk and killed at least six people, maybe up to eight and then ended up killing himself. All this happened on Christmas Eve. An eight year old girl opened the door when Pardo arrived at his ex-in laws house and she was immediately shot in the face. She is recovering. He was recently divorced in September and he had recently lost his job in the aerospace industry as well. It is assumed both these things contributed to his mental state. Pardo and his ex wife had three children but it is not stated whether the eight year old girl that was shot was his daughter or some other relative of his ex wife’s family. There was a 16 year old girl there who was also injured and recovering.

Pardo set the house ablaze as he left. “Pardo was carrying what appeared to be a large present but was what police described as a home-made pressurized device used to spray some kind of flammable substance. Pardo is thought to have worked in the aerospace industry as an engineer, police and acquaintances said.”

Santa Shooting

(Hmmm, my father worked in the aerospace industry when he was fired after 10 years on the job,  (He worked for Ford Aerospace and I still think FORD SUCKS!!!) he was divorced but he never went ballistic and went on a murder spree. So I don’t want to hear his sorry sob story. A man deals with it and goes on. )

One can only imagine the horror and gruesomeness of that scene. My heart goes out to all those who are suffering right now and for who Christmas will now be a day of horror instead of day of peace and love. May God be there for each of them and may Pardo have a special place in hell for his blatant evil acts. Though I am glad he at least took hi s own life too, so we don’t have to house and feed this monster. Go to the above link to read the entire story.


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