Shed A Tear This Christmas

Shed a tear this Christmas.

But don’t wipe it from your eye.

Shed a tear this Christmas .

For someone shall die.

As you open your presents.

Someone is opening their wrists.

Suicidal tendencies.

Is bound to be on someone’s Christmas list. girl-crying2

Dena Leichnitz 12/1987

I wrote that poem when I was seventeen years old. That is just the beginning of the poem. I was a very morbid girl and suicide was a constant companion for me. At six I overdosed on my meds because I was curious what would happen. At fourteen I overdosed again, but this time it was a deliberate suicide attempt. I did so because I had just lost my father to a drunk driver a month earlier. I know better than anyone that teens attempt and commit suicide for many reasons, one of them being-abortion.

“A troubling 2008 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that teen suicide rates are on the rise. According to the study, there was an 18% increase in teen suicides in 2004—the largest single-year increase in the past 15 years—and the upward trend continued in the next year.”

The Elliott Institute, who is the premier organization dealing with post abortion trauma,  cited the above study in their newsletter. Another study this time done by John Hopkins found that middle aged women are also killing themselves at a much higher rate than in previous years.


“Experts and parents are concerned about this upswing in youth suicides, and many are also troubled by the results of a recent Johns Hopkins University study that found a 4% annual increase in suicides among Caucasian women age 40 to 64. The findings were published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.2″

So why are teens and middle aged women killing themselves? While there are many factors in why one decides to kill themselves, one that is often overlooked is a previous abortion. Many times the people in the life of the teen or the women don’t even know she has undergone one. So they have no way of helping her cope. This is not merely conjecture, the Elliott Institute has clearly demonstrated a link between abortion and suicide over the years in various studies. According to them, there is a 65% higher rate of clinical depression after an abortion and of those a majority of them suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. And we all know that the holidays have a way of making people depressed anyway, especially with Christmas being about a birth of a child. Remember Mary is a mother that did everything she could to save the life of her child, who was being hunted by a madman. That is a sharp contrast to today’s mantra, “kill the inconvenient!” If there was ever an “inconvenient child” it was our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Thank God Mary thought more of Him then she did of herself or we would all be up the creek without a paddle.


Try as they might, the feminists can’t change human nature. Mothers will always be bonded to their children from the beginning. Not after birth, not when they are infants or toddlers but they bond when they are in the womb. They will never be able to get rid of the grief that comes from losing a part of you. They will never be able to wipe out the innate longing to be a mother and hold your child in your arms. Propaganda won’t do it, legislation won’t do it, nothing ever will and as a result millions of women will continue to suffer.

How many women and teenage girls have to die before we start caring about the real costs of abortion and less about the nonexistent benefits? How many children have to be slaughtered for choice before we speak out and say no more! How many of our daughters have to hang themselves from a tree with a teddy bear because they were unable to go on without their child? So just remember when you are opening your presents someone is opening their wrist. Remember the broken hearted this Christmas season. Their lives might depend on you.


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