Obama: You Are Mine!

nbra-cartoon-obama-socialismGreat I have waited 38 years for a tall, good-looking Black man to say those words to me and who do I get? Obama! Talk about rotten luck.  Okay that’s it I am dating only White guys from this point on…yeah like I have a choice.  Not a whole lot of Black Mormons running around. LOL

Lousy love life aside, being a slave to Obama’s  socialistic practices is not my idea of freedom. It is too bad, it seems to be the rest of America’s.

2 comments on “Obama: You Are Mine!

  1. Great post. You need to make sure that people read this one.

  2. Thank you Kevin. I love your stuff as well. You have great insight and you are on my blog roll. I hope you will come back soon.

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