Adam Walsh Murder Solved!

john-walsh-hugs-his-wifeAfter 27 years the case that propelled a grieved father to start America’s Most Wanted has finally been solved.  While the whole thing must be hard for the Walsh’s to relive and my heart goes out to these people, I am glad they finally know who killed their son.  Another good thing is that he died in prison in 1996 for other killings he had committed. So they don’t have to worry about a trial and opening up that can of worms.


I am a fan of John Walsh. His courage, passion and ongoing drive to see what happened to his child doesn’t happen to another child is not only commendable but a trait of a great man. After all, he could’ve gotten lost in his grief and not done anything. He didn’t have to be worried about other people’s children. He had just lost his own. He had every right to be bitter and rage against the world. But instead he used that anger to make my child and your child a bit safer. To be a father to us all.  He is an American hero.

This is from a Yahoo article talking about the case:

“Adam’s death, and his father’s activism on his behalf, helped put faces on milk cartons, shopping bags and mailbox flyers, started fingerprinting programs and increased security at schools and stores. It spurred the creation of missing persons units at every large police department.

“In 1981, when a child disappeared, you couldn’t enter information about a child into the FBI database. You could enter information about stolen cars, stolen guns but not stolen children,” said Ernie Allen, president of the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, co-founded by John Walsh. “Those things have all changed.”

The case also prompted national legislation to create a national database and toll-free line devoted to missing children, and led to the start of “America’s Most Wanted,” which brought those cases into millions of homes.”

Adam Walsh Murder Solved After 27 Years

And while Richard Moran of  Mount Holyoke College who is a  sociologist and criminologist may condemn Walsh for making us all more “paranoid” as he put it.  He has saved countless lives. I think that is a fair exchange. And Richard how many lives have been saved by you? I am thinking a whole lot less than John, so keep your stone throwing to yourself.

Good night, sweet Adam. May you finally rest in peace. After all, 27 years is a long enough wait! God bless the Walsh family.


5 thoughts on “Adam Walsh Murder Solved!

  1. Now let’s just hope we can continue to find those that John Walsh shows on his television show.

    And let’s also hope that the MSM will report about this, to inform so many folks that this father who has given so much to help others get justice, has received justice himself.

    God Bless,

  2. Thanks JB. In a way I hope it isn’t spread too far and wide. Not because I don’t think this man deserves recognition but because this has to be opening the wound all over again and I don’t want people bombarding him with a whole bunch of stupid questions. I just want him to be able to get some peace and really move on from here.

    On the other hand, people can be surprisingly compassionate and it would be nice if people were able to say, “Thanks John, I am glad you finally got your boy’s killer too.” So I am torn. I just don’t want idiots like Richard Moran to use this to give John a bad time.

  3. Very good point on opening the wound, but it just goes to show that never give up and have the faith and God will have things work out.

    God Bless their family especially finding out during the Christmas Season.


  4. I cannot even BEGIN to imagine what any family endures when this horrific nightmare happens to them. I wish that family all the best in the world, goodness me they deserve it.
    As for the scum who took Adams life, well lets just say this:

    I do NOT envy him when he faces God!!

    I didnt hear of this till just now, but then i’m in the uk anyway but as a mum, a woman and a human being I ‘hear’ all the warnings about keeping our kids safe and paranoid or not, without it we could possibly lose more children in tragic cirumstances. Now to just catch the rest of them.


  5. To JB-it is kind of like a Christmas miracle isn’t it?

    To Debs-I am glad I was able to help educate you about the case and the man a bit. He is an icon over here. And I agree, now all we have to do is get the scum off the streets.

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