A Mormon Mom Looks at Jesus vs. Santa

Jesus v. Santa

If you go to my Tech Inventions and Websites page you will see a website I have discovered and really enjoy. It is called Life As Me. The article is written by that author and it does an excellent job at explaining how one can be Mormon (or any Christian for that matter) and still tell her child about Santa.  I guess it is the belief that Santa is for the secular kids and Jesus is for the Christians and the two shall never meet.

However, Santa Claus is based on a Catholic Bishop, St. Nicholas.  He was born in the third century and eventually became the Bishop of Myra. If you want to learn more about the real Saint Nicholas go here:

St. Nicholas Center

So because the real St. Nicholas was a follower of Christ, you can join the two together and help build the faith of your child. However, you can allow them to have the mythical Santa Claus as well. A little imagination never hurt anyone.  In fact, Jesus is the one who gave us the wondrous gift of imagination, he gave us the land of dreams. He wouldn’t have done that if it wasn’t something he thought was important and necessary.  Therefore to take away a child’s ability to marvel is downright cruel and inhumane!

I can prattle on forever but she makes a much better case than I. So go…..you’re still here? Go read her article already. LOL


4 thoughts on “A Mormon Mom Looks at Jesus vs. Santa

  1. Hunny you make me laugh, its like i can hear you talking!!!

    Thanks for your lovely words there and for the link up ;) This has been a hot topic for many lately, sometimes a rather mean one too. But thats not what the Lord would have wanted and i want to scream that to these silly people!!!

    Have a great day (whats left of it!)

  2. Hey Debs,
    No problem, got look out for my fellow sister. There is a difference between Harry Potter which in my opinion glorifies the occult and the Wizard of Oz. Both stories are about magic but one is about the magic that is in all of us and one uses sorcery for their magic.

    It is ridiculous anyone would get upset over the story of Santa. Especially given its Christian origins. There is nothing “pagan” about Santa Claus and those who say otherwise really haven’t investigated the truth.

    SANTA ROCKS!!!! And so do you Debs!

  3. P.S. Next time someone tries to tell you Jesus wouldn’t appreciate us telling fanciful stories to our children, you tell them, “Why not? The man talked in parables. And what are parables? They are stories!!!! Hello is anyone home?”

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