Liberal-A Four Letter Word

Tonight I was talking to my son and he was giving me excuse after excuse why he couldn’t take a bath at night.  And so I said, “You are such a little liberal, coming up with all these scenarios why you can’t take a bath.” He looked at me puzzled. He asked me what I said, so I laughed and said that you are such a little liberal. His eyes got narrowed and his eyebrows furrowed.  Then he said, “Don’t call me that! That hurts my feelings.”

So I apologized for calling him a liberal. But you know when children start considering being called a liberal fighting words that this world might be okay after all.  Let’s hope he doesn’t lose that disdain for liberals and liberalism as he ages. Because as soon as they dupe him into believing otherwise then all hope is lost. In the meantime, my son has learned a very important  lesson-something that can only be spoken with the eloquence of a five year old. Liberalism is bad.


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