The Other Shepard Boy


One News Now recently reported that William Smithson, a homosexual, was sentenced on Nov. 21 to life in prison for the strangulation and murder of Jason Shephard in 2006. The article decried the lack of public outcry on behalf of the homosexual community for Jason’s murder. However, they might have a legitimate reason for their silence. Who knew about it? Certainly not I. It wasn’t front page news like Mathew Shepherd’s murder. So that begs the question, do homosexual victims garner more news coverage than those who are heterosexual? To the casual observer it would seem so.

According to website and reporter Ben Dunsmoor the following is what transpired during the murder:   “According to court papers 23 year old Jason Shephard’s body was found wrapped in bed sheets and belts in his supervisor’s basement. Authorities say 41 year old William Smithson slipped the “date-rape” drug into Shephard’s drink while they were at dinner one night last week. Later in the evening, Smithson made sexual advances towards Shephard. When the student resisted, Smithson allegedly strangled him. ”

While the murder of Matthew Shepherd was lied about and used to further the gay agenda saying that Matthew was killed on behalf of him being gay,  there is no similar outrage for another Shephard boy who was killed because he WAS NOT gay and resisted his homosexual manager’s advances.  In fact, “hate crimes” because the victim is straight is not as uncommon as people would believe.

In fact, in 2007 according the FBI Hate Crimes Statistics there were 27 victims of hate crimes based on the fact they were straight.  In 1995, there were 19 victims of anti-heterosexual hate crimes. While that is not a statistically significant increase especially given the period of time,  it is still an increase nonetheless.  Then again we are only talking about reported crimes and crimes that were prosecuted under the hate crime law.   For instance there were two other murders that were done because of the orientation and in one case the belief of the victim and I very much doubt they were considered hate crimes and thereby reported to the FBI as such.

marystachowiczOne was the murder of  a Christian woman named Mary Stachowicz who was vocal about her opposition to the homosexual lifestyle and same sex marriage.  The following is from the Army of God website: “On November 13,  2002 Nicholas Gutierrez  punched, kicked, and mutilated Mary Stachowicz with a knife until he got tired. Then he placed a garbage bag over her head, strangled her, and jammed her body  in a crawl space under the floor of his apartment.”

Army of God website

According to same website he was spared the death penalty.  Too bad Mary  wasn’t spared it. She was a mother of four. In fact, the Assistant Public Defender in the case basically argued she got what was coming to her- “Assistant Public Defender Crystal H. Marchigiani told jurors that Stachowicz, a mother of four and a church volunteer, instigated the attack byfollowing Gutierrez upstairs and bullying herself into his apartment.”  [Chicago Sun Times.  Friday, October 27, 2006. ]

Right. So that is the reason he  gutted her like a fish. Such tragedies are never reported in the mainstream media. After all, Christians deserve to die.  Young men who refuse the advances of gay men deserve to die.  And no matter how heinous the crime, how brutal the attacks against us-gays never deserve to die.

In closing there was the murder of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising in Arkansas in 1999.  World Net Daily graphically details the murder but I will give you the gist of it right here:  “Dirkhising suffocated to death during the early morning hours of Sept. 26, 1999, after being bound, drugged, gagged and brutally sodomized by Davis Don Carpenter, then 38, and Joshua Macabe Brown, then 22, at the men’s apartment in Rogers, Ark.”

World Net Daily-Jesse Dirkhising Murder


The sick irony of this is Jesse’s parents allowed their son to spend time with the couple because they were considered “family friends.”  How devastating  for them to know they handed their child over to murderers.  Now everyone who has heard of Jesse Dirkhising raise your hand? How about Jason Shephard? Then definintely Mary Stachowicz right? NO? How can that be? It is time we stop worrying about stupid things like whether these killers are gay or not and start frying them up with the rest of the psychotic killers! You want equality!? Fine-not a problem. I have no problem latching these sickos in the electric chair.

So the next time some gay right radical tries to throw Matthew Shepherd in your face you tell him we have a Shephard boy too and the reason you don’t know his name is because the media is forever covering for your kind while  those who get killed by you get no recognition at all! Jason, Jesse and Mary deserve to have justice, deserve to have their stories told, deserve not to have the fault put on them.  So until the gays apologize for the truth of Jason’s murder [and Jesse’s and Mary’s] don’t expect me to apologize for the lie that has been Matthew Shepherd’s.


5 thoughts on “The Other Shepard Boy

  1. I have a slightly better idea: how about both sides stop demonising each other by throwing news stories around? There is nothing useful in holding up incidences of murder and saying ‘Look at what they’re doing to us!’ (and that applies regardless of who the murderer and vistim were). The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of heterosexual people had nothing to do with Matthew Shepherd’s murder, and the vast majority of homosexual people similarly had nothing to do with Jason Shephard’s murder. People hold up victims like Matthew Shepherd in a crass attempt at eliciting a knee-jerk emotional reaction – that’s all.

  2. If I came off as demonizing all gay people that wasn’t my intention but I am clearly angry by the double standard in which homosexual victims and homosexual perpetrators are treated by the media. If the victim is homosexual that must be shouted from all the rooftops but if the perpetrator is homosexual than that is great downplayed if brought up at all.

    My other point is this, it is not so much look at what they are doing to us but why is the gay community not denouncing such acts? When there is a drive-by shooting Black community leaders are all over the news wanting the help of the public to catch the guy. 9 out of 10 they are calling for the incarceration of another Black person but they don’t care-someone is dead and they need to pay. When 9-11 happened-the silence was deafening from the Muslim community. I don’t remember one press conference being held where they vowed to do everything they could to catch these people. And the same holds true with these three cases. It is not about all gay people being responsible for the crime but the gay community coming out (pardon the pun) and denouncing the cruelty of these murders. When Versace was killed by his lover or whatever there was coverage everywhere. It was okay to hunt him down since Versace was also gay but why not the same zeal for these other victims?

    I am sorry but if a 13 year old boy being tortured and murdered doesn’t constitute a national news story-what does? The media more than anyone else is to blame because they deemed these lives unimportant and not worth reporting. As for the justice system, well I have my own personal vendetta against them and that is another tangent altogether. In closing, political correctness should not enter the courthouse door and all barbaric criminals should be treated with equal disdain!

  3. I am sorry but if a 13 year old boy being tortured and murdered doesn’t constitute a national news story-what does? The media more than anyone else is to blame because they deemed these lives unimportant and not worth reporting.

    It seems as though your problem is with the media, not ‘the gay community’ (whatever that is – nobody has told me if I’m a part of it). Given that the media apparently declined to cover the story you’re talking about, why would you expect gay activists to know about it any more than you did? How could gay people denounce such acts if they didn’t know about them in the first place?

    Let me put it to you this way: if you go onto any White Natiaonlist website, you’ll see people making the exact same argument you’re making. (Unfortunately, I’ve been to these places and know this from personal experience.) They’ll claim that ‘hate’ crimes perpetrated by white people against black people are widely reported and used to demonise whites, whereas similar crimes committed against whites by black people are simply ignored. Exactly the same thing, but with different minorities involved. The first paragraph of your comment could literally be ripped straight from one of those websites, but with the word ‘homosexual’ changed to ‘black’.

    Now ask yourself, is it true that the media is biased against white people? And if so, is that the fault of any specific black people or black-interest groups, or is it the fault of the media? Because whatever answer you come to will, in all likelihood, apply equally to the situation with gay crimes and how widely those are reported in the media.

  4. Well this is where the problem lies. People rely on the media for most of their news. And I’m sorry but you have to look into the news and issues yourself.

    If activists don’t know what is going on with their cause, then they shouldn’t be solely blaming the media for not informing them. I mean if you only read and listen to the media, then I feel sorry for you because you are missing out on tons of information and news.

    God bless,

  5. That is a good point JB. But the point is the news still has to come from somewhere for us to be informed and if no one is writing about the Jason Shephards no matter what great investigators we maybe we will not know. The only reason I know his name now is because someone took the time out to write about it. NO one writes about it, it is like it never happened.

    Me and you are a whole different breed, we are junkies, we live for this type of stuff so we don’t mind spending hours researching all this kind of stuff. It is “our drug” but most people just want the highlights and are not going to dig into it especially if they don’t know there is something to dig into. So while we do shoulder the responsibility to be informed. The media also shoulders the responsibility to make sure the information is available to us so we can be informed. God bless you.

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