More Pro-Life Sites Every Conservative Should Know About

Feminists for Life-their main focus is that of college age women. Mainly because those are the main women who are having the abortions. There are virtually no pro-life resources on most college campuses and the girls are often told they have to abort if they want to continue their education. So much for “freely choosing” huh? In fact, most abortions, up to 64% are either coerced or forced in some way. Up to 80% of those who abort say they would’ve carried to term if they would’ve been given any alternatives. Feminists for Life has continued to combat these frightening statistics.

Feminists for Life

2) Susan B. Anthony List-Susan B. Anthony List is the pro-life answer to Emily’s List-a pro-abortion site. Susan B. Anthony was extremely anti-abortion and thought women were degraded by abortion. Susan B. Anthony List picks up where their mentor left off, fighting the good fight against abortion and for the rights of women and children. In the beginning feminism always included the clause “and children.” Women and children were seen as a package deal. It wasn’t until Betty Friedan and her ilk came along that women and children were pitted against each other and weren’t seen as a desirable part of being a woman.

Susan B. Anthony List

3) Concerned Women for America-CWA has more members than NOW! (But no one has more members than the Relief Society branch of the Mormon church. It was the first and still the best! Love you RS sisters!) Concerned Women for America is a Christian organization but one need not be Christian to join. Concerned Women for America were the first to bring the Dafur situation and the sex slave trade to light. Phyllis Schafly who was prominent during the late sixties and early seventies during the whole “Flower Power” movement still contributes to Concerned Women for America. Wendy Wright is the president.

Concerned Women For America

4) Heritage House 76-This is a pro-life site that has various pro-life gear and literature for you to purchase when you are talking to large groups or holding demonstrations. Silent No More sells their literature, buttons and other merchandise including signs on this site. This is more of a clearinghouse for all your pro-life needs. Brandon Monahan runs this site and gave my first job writing pro-life articles for the now defunct Defending Truth website.

Heritage House 76

5) 40 Days for Life-40 days for Life is a national campaign that includes fasting and praying for the end of abortion. They hold silent vigils outside of abortion clinics. This is done twice a year-in January to coincide with the Roe v. Wade decision and in October. In pro-life circles October is sort of unofficially the Right to Life month. A lot of activities take place during those two months.

6) STOPP International- The double “P” in this name is for Planned Parenthood. So it means Stop Planned Parenthood. They are part of the American Life League. The man who started this site actually shut down a Planned Parenthood in his town, he teaches others how to do the same. We are going to win through this war through access. Shut off access and you can have all the laws you want there won’t be abortion clinics to supply the demand. Despite what pro-choicers tell you women will not crawl over broken glass to have an abortion. In fact, there is not ONE SINGLE abortion clinic in South Dakota. The last one shut down this year! South Dakota is also the only state with an abortion ban already to take effect once Roe v. Wade is overturned. If South Dakota can do it, so can the rest of us.

STOPP International

7) The National Right to Life-I am kind of hesitant to mention this organization because they haven’t always been a friend to the pro-lifer. So take what they say with a grain of salt. However, they are the oldest and most well known of the pro-life organizations and they can supply certain useful information. They will at least know what legislation is before the Houses and you can probably use them to gather statistics. I wouldn’t count on them for support though.

The National Right to Life

8) The Pro-Life Action League (PLAL) -Bookmark this site. They have testimonies of former abortionists who give the low down on what goes on inside abortion clinics. They have stuff aimed for the youth and list of other pro-life organizations. Commit the testimonies of the abortionists to memory, they are going to be your best defense against the pro-aborts.

Pro Life Action League They have statistics for every pro-choice crime committed against a pro-lifer, so when pro-choicers say that we are always bombing clinics you can come back with how many of their own clinics pro-choicers have bombed in order to collect the insurance and put the blame on pro-lifers. They also compare our movement with the violence done by other movements (gay rights, civil rights, apartheid, etc.). They have a wealth of information. It even goes state by state. So you can look your own state or any other state of your choice.

Abortion Violence

Okay I am about to blow you away with this one, but here it goes:

Pro Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians (PLAGAL) -That’s right Dena the homophobe and queer hater extraordinaire is actually giving the gays and lesbians their due in this case. We can fight about gay marriage some other time but when it comes to saving the lives of unborn children, I can care less about your orientation as long you are willing to defend the lives of all children. PLAGAL is not welcome in the gay community because most gays and lesbians are pro-choice. (After all, most of them will never have to make the choice so it is easy for them to be nonchalant about parenthood.) So if gays are already outcasts (which I don’t think they are) then PLAGAL are outcasts among outcasts. Such conviction should be admired and so I gladly welcome them among all other pro-lifers who are out there trying to save the lives of babies.

Pro Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians (PLAGAL)

Okay that is it for now. But with all the organizations that keep popping in my head as I compile this list, you might want to be on the lookout for list number three.


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