Liberal Guys vs. Conservative Guys

Liberals think they have it all over us conservatives,  especially in terms of who is more desirable of the two.  But I would like to give my undying devotion to all the conservative guys out there. They have it all over liberal guys.  These are my reasons liberal guys will never hold a candle to my conservative men

1) Liberal guys are wusses. All a conservative guy would need to do is blink at them and the liberal guy would cower in the corner.  Conservatives are tough, rugged and so very handsome.  Toby Keith is a prime example of that rugged masculinity that is just so darn enticing.  Trace Adkins is another one,  okay let me stop before I get all hot and bothered and scorch my keyboard.

2) Conservative guys stand for their principles.  Now because they are human they don’t always live up to their own ideals but they don’t simply trash them because they messed up. They figure out how to correct their behavior not how to correct their morality.

3) Conservative guys are more likely to have guns, so if some liberal on acid starts messing with me, my conservative man can handle it.  You feel safer walking with a man who is not afraid to throw a punch if he has to then someone whos e pacifism is so extreme that he would rather talk to the guy raping you then lift a finger to help you.

4) Conservative guys are more interesting. While all liberal guys sound the same, conservative guys always have something new to talk about. They are more educated when it comes to politics, religion, current events and foreign affairs. I have had to learn more about these things just not to sound completely devoid of  any knowledge. I still have a long ways to go but I am learning and my conservative guys are so sweet and kind that they are teaching me.

5) Which brings me to my next point, conservative guys are genuinely sweet. It is not that fake sensitive crap that liberals wear like new jeans.  It is just a part of their character.  They don’t cry at chick flicks but will break down when their dog dies.  They may not buy you flowers, but if you need a new computer they will get you one (Hi Kenny!) It is the small things they do to show they care. They just have the best hearts.

6) Lastly conservative men are the men you call upon when you need this country defended. They are the men who lead the churches, they are the men who love their family. All in all conservative men are sexy, intelligent and know how to make a woman feel like a woman. That is why I love conservative men.


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