Birthing Obama

mean-looking-obamaThere is a fervor surrounding Obama’s birth. According to several news outlets the Supreme Court will not be reviewing cases brought forth by two voters to legitimize Obama’s birth certificate. I see we have the legitimacy to elect him, just not the legitimacy to question his qualifications in the first place. How ridiculous is that notion?alan-keyes2

However, Alan Keyes, who was on the ballot in California is also suing Obama to produce his birth certificate in order to make sure he is eligible to serve out his presidency. Obama of course is calling the whole thing-garbage. It is a typical liberal response, you don’t ever answer the question directly but try to deflect it back on your enemies. The Constitution is of course not garbage. But it is not surprising that he thinks it is. After all this is the same man that called it a flawed document. I have trouble with a president who will be sworn in and asked to uphold it, calling it a flawed document. But then again if it is not ” The Audacity of Hope” or “The Dreams of my Father”-then any written document is flawed including the Bible.

Now according to his deceased grandmother, she was there at Obama’s birth….in Kenya!!! He was a citizen of Indonesia and now he wants to claim citizenship of America. Well the Constitution is quite clear on this, not born here-can’t be the President. My sister was born in West Germany, she can’t be President either. (And even with all her liberal leanings she would still make a better President than Obama.) Me, I was born in San Francisco and I got the birth certificate to prove it! In fact, I am thinking about running for President in 2012.  So I am working on it now. I will switch back and forth between religions, build up my arsenal of terrorist friends, dodge anything that has to do my past (No, I never ran around with decapitated doll heads! You’re just racist!) and then talk about change all the while spouting the same liberal garbage politicians have been talking about for forty years.  I will be a cinch to win.

The crazy thing is all Obama has to do in this case, to make it all go away is produce a valid birth certificate! We are not asking him to split the atom for crying out loud, just don’t give us fraudulent documents to establish your nationality-is that really so hard?  Alan Keyes with the United States Justice Foundation has filed suits in California and as of the 4th of December will be filing suits in Mississippi.

It is amazing what we are letting this guy get away with. Now he doesn’t even have to follow the Constitution. I will be discussing the other Obama scandals in the upcoming week, but everyday is a new scandal with this man it is hard to keep up. In the meantime, pony up the Birth Certificate Obama!


3 thoughts on “Birthing Obama

  1. Mr. Keyes,
    It has been a mystery to me why the FBI, Republican National Committee, Attorney General, President, and other constitution-abiding leaders don’t demand a Special Prosecutor to thoroughly investigate the many issues that have been surrounding President elect Obama. Either those issues could then be laid to rest, or any legal actions could be taken.
    Regardless, I’m praying for truth and justice for all the allegations involving Mr. Obama, and for all other elected officials in the states and Washington DC.
    Thank you for your efforts.

  2. You know Steve, I don’t understand it either because if it was me or you acting all kinds of shady like this we would be in jail so fast our heads would spin. Yet we accept this underhanded and sly behavior from the person who is supposed to lead our country? It makes no sense.

  3. Obama’s paternal grandmother is still alive in Kenya. So is the Kenya Ambassador, Peter Ogego, both of whom also asserted in a candid, recorded convesations that Obama was born in Kenya.

    Where is there a plaque – anywhere – that proudly proclaims, “birthplace of Barack Obama”?

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