Sunny vs. Terri

Yesterday (December 6, 2008) Martha “Sunny” Von Bulow died after 28 years in a coma. Yahoo News reported that during that time her children were around her, taking care of her and though she died in a nursing home she wasn’t just left there to die. sunny-von-bulow

Sunny Von Bulow Dies After 28 Years In a Coma

Sunny Von Bulow was the Teri Schiavo of my day. For those of you who don’t know the story, it basically goes that her husband, Claus Von Bulow poisoned her with insulin and put her into a coma. Sunny was a wealthy woman and people figured Claus married her for her money anyway. In the first trial, he was convicted of attempted murder but during his appeal he was acquitted. So with Sunny in a coma, he was basically able to spend her money freely.


Terri Schindler-Schiavo has a lot in common with Sunny Von Bulow, except she didn’t have one thing that might’ve been the one thing that allowed Sunny to die in her own time instead of her husband’s-enough money to save her. Terri’s story is a bit different, in that no one is clear what put her in a persistent vegetative state. She just collapsed one day. Michael Schiavo “blames a cardiac arrest induced by a potassium imbalance associated with bulimia. The Schindlers suspect he tried to strangle her, based on court testimony by a neurologist that Terri had suffered a neck injury when she was admitted to the hospital.”    Note:  Search World Net Daily for whole story, since my link is acting like a retard!

Terri did respond to her family’s voices, was able to smile and respond to various stimuli. Terri had been undergoing therapy for her injuries and was showing slow but marked improvement but her husband, who wanted her dead in order to collect on her insurance and to live happily ever after with his mistress, decided to put a stop to that. Terri’s family fought for her but were told it was her husband that had rights over Terri, not her own flesh and blood.

Terri was later starved to death and basically left to die by her husband while her parents continually tried to get basic nutrition restored to their daughter with no avail. Obama calls trying to save Terri Schiavo’s life-his biggest mistake during his time as Senator. What a guy! The Left tried to make Michael Schiavo seem like some kind of misunderstood hero, he was only following Terri’s wishes (though he couldn’t produce a single document to prove it indeed was and the courts relied on hearsay saying they had a conversation about this topic before her accident. ) and therefore he should be allowed to kill her.

Both the Sunny Von Bulow case and Teri Schiavo’s made national headlines and gripped the nation. The pro-life movement came out in defense of Terri. The feminists who should’ve been defending Terri against her louse of a husband were the main ones supporting Michael. For the right to kill is more important to their movement than a fellow female in trouble.

Sunny Von Bulow was 76 when she died from her murder attempt. Terri was only 41 when she died March 31, 2005. Why such the different outcomes for basically the same situation? Why because Sunny Von Bulow was “fortunate” (if you want to look at that way) enough to go into a coma back in 1980 before the country had decided that people outside of the womb didn’t have a right to life either. That if you weren’t a CEO of a Fortune 500 company you were a waste of skin and needed to die. Had she gone into coma in 2008, I don’t know her fortune she had before the coma would’ve been enough to save her.

In the end, the outcome is the same. Two despicable husbands were allowed to get away with the murder of their wives. God bless Teri and God bless Sunny. May you both awake in the glory that is our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.


4 thoughts on “Sunny vs. Terri

  1. Your post gave me chills. I admit to not knowing a lot about Sunny Von Bulow. Terri, on the other hand….I was pretty actively blogging about her case. My biggest regret is that I was not able to drive to St Pete and protest when she was being left to die.

    And if Obama considers trying to save Terri the “biggest mistake” he made as a Senator…God help us all with him as the President.

    I’ve been on the verge of tears all day. I think I may end there yet.

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by. I am glad my post moved you, that is what writing is all about. It is quite chilling the parallels between the two cases, when I heard of Sunny’s death, I immediately went back to Terri Schiavo. They both had family that loved them, but at least Sunny’s family was allowed to hold onto her until her time was up. Terri wasn’t given that opportunity. The only good I can say about Sunny’s death is that she is finally at peace, she deserves that. God bless you, Tammy and come back again.

  3. The definition of ethics keeps changing with time, doesn’t it? Something is wrong here.

    And being rich helps! (you are not left to die alone) Or not!

    Great blog!

    Keep the good work going!

  4. Thank you for compliment. I appreciate it. And ethics do seem to change with the times don’t they? It is my opinion, that ethics themselves do not change. What was right in the past is still right today, it is that we choose not to view it as right. It is our own perceptions that change, not the ethics. However, when we get further and further away from basic human morality, we find ourselves in jeopardy. Both by the government-that seeks to take away once established rights and by God, who takes away his blessings until we humble ourselves and return to him once more. I hope America will humble itself because if it doesn’t we are headed down a very dangerous course and Sunny and Terri were just the warning signs along the way. God bless you, Amitabh. Take care and I hope you will come back soon.

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