Pro Life Sites Every Conservative Should Know About

As I was doing the meet and greet over at Smart Girl Politics ( I noticed some of the major pro-life organizations some people didn’t know about. Which is understandable, not everyone has been researching abortion for five years like me. So I decided to give everyone out there, a crash course on the pro-life sites you can use to help you when you have to go up against abortion loving liberals.

1) The Elliott Institute ( This organization was started nearly 20 years ago by Dr. David Reardon. Dr. Reardon is the premier expert on post-abortion syndrome and has done several studies. He has written various books including one on rape and incest survivors who had abortions. Contrary to popular opinion, most of these women DID NOT want the abortion done and said it was like a second rape-a medical rape. In fact, during his study Dr. Reardon found out that not one incest survivor wanted the abortion but it was done to cover up the incest by the perpetrator. This study helps solidifies the argument that abortion hurts women who have been raped and does not help them.

2) Life Dynamics ( Mark Crutcher has been called by Planned Parenthood the most dangerous man in America and has said his method of suing abortion providers has been successful. He wrote a book called Lime 5, in it he exposes the truth about the abortion industry. He also teaches people how to become a pro-life spy and get the goods on the abortion industry. Most abortion clinics operate outside the law and a lot of the people doing abortions are not even medical personnel let alone doctors. He keeps tabs on what clinics are open and which ones are closing. In 1990, there were over 2,000 clinics. Today there about 700. That is 1300 clinics that have shut down and not re-opened. He also has the Blackmun Wall named after the judge that ultimately decided the Roe case. It lists all the names of women who have died from legal abortions.

3) Death Roe ( This site was started by Mark Crutcher for all the survivors who have been born after 1973 (Or if you are in California like me-1967. New York, California and a couple other states had legal abortions before the January 22, 1973 decision of Roe v. Wade. )

4) Life Site News/ Life News-( ( These are two excellent sites that give you all the news regarding life issues. Life Site News has news from the U.S. and Canada. The editor is Steve Jalvesac. He wrote a compelling paper on the overpopulation myth. He takes it from the time of Thomas Malthus who said that the world’s population couldn’t keep up with food production and by 1970 there would be mass starvation. The truth is food production has not only kept up but exceeded population growth and the only reason for the starvation in other countries is the bureaucracy of international governments that keep both food and knowledge of how to raise better food from its citizens.

5) Silent No More Awareness Campaign. ( Janet Morana and Georgette Forney started this organization. It was a way to give women who have gone through the experience of an abortion a chance to share their experience. There are now over 7,000 members including members in Australia and other foreign countries. Alveda King, the niece of Dr. King is one of the spokeswomen for the group. She is heavily involved in trying to get abortion to be seen as a civil rights issue and discusses the devastation of abortion in the Black community (Note: 60 percent of all Black children are aborted every year.)

6) AbortionTV ( Abortion TV is an interactive site that gives you basic knowledge of the abortion issue. It is good for beginners and that is where I got my start.

7) Pregnant Pause ( Pregnant Pause deals with all life issues, stem cell research, euthanasia, abortion and life affirming choices like adoption. It is also very good for beginners to gather information for your arguments.

I will probably do a second list but as it is getting late I will stop here. But these places at least give you a start. I hope you find it helpful.


2 thoughts on “Pro Life Sites Every Conservative Should Know About

  1. Hi,

    I also joined Smart Girl Politics, but missed the meet-and-greet. Great post here and you’ve done a lot of work. Thanks for the listing of sites; I will add them to my links page.

    I found another one this morning (and wrote about it in my blog). It’s Live Action Films, and it is the project of Lila Rose, a student at UCLA. The address is

    I found this through Michelle Malkin and Steve at Life Site News.

    Great blog! Be seeing you at Smart Girl!

  2. Thank you CP, I am sorry you missed the meet and greet, in fact I showed up a bit late myself. Computer mishap. I will definitely check out In the meantime, there is another film on my site that you might want to check out. It is really good. It is the Doorpost Film Project-Hope. It is a mini movie about 5-10 minutes long. Give it a look see.

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