A Mother’s Legacy

san-mateo-shooting1I don’t get to report on heroism much nowadays.  So when you hear something like this, you have got to report on it.  A young mother was recently at home with her children when a gunman broke in.  When it was all said and done she was dead, tragically, but she saved the lives of her children before going on to her eternal reward with Heavenly Father.  With pro-choicers always telling women to place their lives before their children, it warms the heart to see a mother who understood that our children’s lives matter more than ours. It is all part of being a parent.swat-team-picture

I want to express my condolences to Loan Kim Nguyen’s family in this tragic time.  May God fill their sorrow with his love.  And I personally like to believe that when she entered into heaven Christ greeted her and said, “You did well, my faithful servant. You may rest now.”  I will give you the address and you can go read the story for yourself.  Loan Kim Nguyen may you always be remembered as the heroine you truly are.



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