The Swiss Legalize Heroin

The Swiss have voted over the weekend to legalize heroin. As a former heroin baby (my birth mother was an addict, and I doubt she stopped on account of little ol’ me.) I find the whole idea repulsive and inhumane. In the United States we have methadone clinics, these clinics are to help heroin addicts get off heroin. The clinics like the ones in Switzerland are to help addicts stay on. I don’t have a problem with methadone clinics because they truly provide treatment. It is about trying to help the addict reclaim their life. I do have a problem though with liberals saying, “Oh they are always going to be addicts so let’s not help them, let’s just give them what they want. It is easier for us that way.” This is the dangerousness of liberalism. It doesn’t solve problems, it just creates new ones. It doesn’t look for the cause and only offers band-aid solutions to all of life’s problems. Of course the liberals sing the praises of this program. Here is the article:;_ylt=Aj_BK_gY7eqVsLcJaGRXUmXWn414

In this article it talks about how the health of the addict has improved ( I know how about getting them off heroin altogether, that would really improve their health! We are not talking about medicine here people, we are talking about heroin!) Crime has dropped (yeah no stats are provided just crime has dropped. And not even which crimes if any have dropped.) And people are all so happy (yeah nothing like having a bunch of heroin addicts coming into your residential/business neighborhood at least a few times a day. They really spruce the place up!)

Here is an excerpt from one article that talks about one addicts experience:

“My kids just know that Dad is sick and has to take medicine every day, that’s all.” (Oh great so now he is lying to his kids on a daily basis. That is a great way to build a healthy relationship!)

And Dr Buerki shares the view that long term addicts like Jan are actually ill, and need to be treated as such. “These are patients with a chronic, relapsing disease that might go with them for the rest of their lives,” he says. (So basically doc you are just giving up on these people! Thank God, you are not an oncologist! Well you have cancer, you could have it for the rest of your life so I am just going to speed your death along but doing absolutely nothing to help you!)

You may say, Dena who are you to judge these people? Well, while I have never did drugs or alcohol, I have fought my own addictions. One far more deadly than heroin could ever be. But I didn’t give up and I didn’t succumb. Because I had my son I fought back. I didn’t simply lie to my son and continue to do my addiction. I knew if I kept going the way I was I was going to die. But I had people in my 12 step groups to see me through. And now I have two years and four months away from what drove me to those rooms to begin with. So I don’t want to hear about sickness and chronic relapsing. That is a cop out! If I can come out the other end, so can other people. And we are not doing them any favors by giving up on them. It is disgusting that the Swiss care so little about these people that they are willing to facilitate their own destruction.

You got to listen to this garbage by this liberal “health official” and I use that term loosely.

It would be more shocking if we just let them die,” counters Maria Chiara Saraceni, a drugs policy expert with the Swiss federal health department. (And you don’t think giving them heroin is just letting them die? Wow! Are there any synapses firing in your brain Ms. Saraceni?) “It’s the government’s responsibility to help everyone, and not to judge them. (Since when? And how is this helping them?) “If this is what they need to live a more stable life, and to get off the streets, then that is what we should offer.” (Okay so if I was some homeless lunatic who thought killing kittens would help me be more stable, relieve stress whatever, would you supply me with an endless supply of kittens? After all, it is not the government’s place to judge me.)

As long as people continue to look for the easy solution instead of the right solution we are going to continue to go downhill. And when it is all said and done and we have to account for all the damage we have done, who knows how many people liberalism will have killed. I just hope it doesn’t end up costing the life of someone you love.


6 thoughts on “The Swiss Legalize Heroin

  1. Interesting article and question. It’s one of those controversial topics that only time will tell if it really works or not. I know the debate of legalising heroin has arisen in Australia a few times only to be completely vetoed.

  2. Well I am glad it has been vetoed, Malice and thank you for your comment. It is my opinion that I don’t think legalizing it all of a sudden makes it safe. Cigarettes are legal but that doesn’t mean they are safe. Abortion is legal and there are no regulations for that at all and it is completely unsafe. I am just surprised more women are not dropping dead from it with the incompetency of which abortions are handled. But don’t get me started on that tangent. LOL People think if the government okays it then it is safe. To those people I say oh please if that was the case, they wouldn’t had to recall Phen-Fen, or countless other drugs because the government approved of their use. Not to mention there would be no suit against Ortho-Evra and Holly Patterson wouldn’t have died from RU-486. It is time we get back to self-government and start using more of the good sense God gave all of us. Thank you once again Malice for coming to my blog. Come back soon.

  3. I believe that heroin assisted treatment is a brilliant way to keep the most severe opiate addicts off the streets where they are subjected to HIV infection, absesses, crime, etc. This way, much as a diabetic needs insulin, the heroin addict, who suffers from “endorphin deficiency syndrome” physically and psychologicaly needs the drug to function properly in society.

  4. Patrick, I have to respectfully disagree with you that it is harm reduction at its best. It is harm production at its best. Enabling somebody to continue a deadly habit is not help. This is not the same thing as diabetes where your own body is not producing enough insulin. This is not like me taking anti-seizure drugs to control my epilepsy. Those things are organic in their nature. Meaning our bodies are not doing what they should be doing otherwise. Should our bodies be producing heroin otherwise? Of course not! No one has heroin running through their body as a natural state of being. To say that I am like a heroin addict due to my epilepsy is completely maligning me and others who suffer from other true ailments.

    I didn’t have a choice in being epileptic. There is nothing I could’ve not done not to be epileptic. Yet every heroin addict is that way because of a choice they made. They made a decision to try it. They made a decision to keep using. To now sit there and say diabetics and heroin addicts are the same thing is insulting and degrading to all those who have diabetes through no conscious part on their own. You can say well a lot of obese people are diabetic and they made a choice to overeat. Yes, that is true. However overeating doesn’t always lead to diabetes, it is just one factor. However, sticking a needle in your arm full of heroin is only going to lead to you heroin addiction! While a person overeating may be eating too much, they are still eating food because they have to in order to survive. We all need food…period. No person has ever needed to stick that needle in their arm in order to survive.

    If there is one thing I know as an addict myself. I don’t get better by giving into my “choice of drug.” I get better by letting go of it. By not engaging in it. I get better by relying on God and Jesus Christ to see me through. And no matter what your opinion is on God and Christ, every time some addict gives his life fully over to the care of God, he gets healed! Every time! It is those who do the half measures that get availed nothing.

  5. U.S. State Department says Canada the top source for ecstasy

    Fri Feb 27, 6:27 PM WASHINGTON – The U.S. State Department says Canada should do more to curb the production and trade in ecstasy and other illicit drugs.The 2009 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, released Friday, highlights the growth of methamphetamine “superlabs” throughout the country, particularly in British Columbia and Ontario. The report says Canada has become the No. 1 source of ecstasy south of the border.

    The report also quoted Canadian officials as saying Prime Minister Stephen Harper wanted to increase penalties for drug production and trafficking, but not for drug use. ( Typical Harper Hypocrisy, false partiality)

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