Death of a Salesman-A Wal-Mart Tragedy

walmart-crowd1What is called Black Friday in the retail industry has indeed earned its name today. Jdimypai Damour, 34, of Jamaica, Queens was trampled to death by a mob of Wal-Mart shoppers in Long Island, New York. Before he could even open the door they broke the door off its hinges and rushed in. Police had been called prior to the store opening because of the large crowds forming outside but were called away to deal with similar situations at other stores.

There is plenty of blame to go around in a situation like this. First you got to blame the idol worshiping culture in which we live. We are no different than the Jews of biblical times and while wondering through the wilderness for forty years took it upon themselves to worship the golden calf. Our fixation with money, toys and material goods is definitely a huge part in this tragedy today.

Next, you have got to blame the retail industry for creating such a day to begin with. Their whole intent was to create a such an atmosphere that people would feel compelled to shop or else miss out on the year’s best bargains. This Black Friday phenomenon is relatively new. As a kid growing up, people did go out shopping the day after Thanksgiving. It was more out of convenience than anything else. They had the day off so they figured they would use the day to get started on Christmas. But it wasn’t like this. The malls still opened at the same time. There were no 4am openings. People did not camp outside of the building all night. It was just a typical shopping day, no great significance was added to it. But the retailers got greedy and they started crunching numbers and they realized their biggest shopping day was the Friday after Thanksgiving. So what if they could capitalize on that? What if they could cause such a hysteria that people would come in droves? And that is what they did. While there is nothing wrong with drawing in customers there is something wrong with creating such chaos that people end up getting killed!

Of course, Obama is at fault. Not sure how, give me some time to figure it out but I figure if the liberalsalg_walmart_police1 can hold Bush responsible for starting hurricanes, then I get to blame Obama for this. In the meantime, the liberal mentality is very much to blame for this tragedy. You can’t devalue human life in the womb and think it is not going to carry over outside of the womb. You can’t say you can kill if it is convenient for you and think that kind of mindset is not going to infiltrate your thought processes on how you treat born human beings. It doesn’t work that way. Because we have no regard for human life at the very beginning stages we have lost it for everyone around us. Jdimypai Damour was a man, a father, a brother, an employee. In fact this wasn’t his permanent job. They had hired him through a temp agency. He died for nothing. This wasn’t supposed to be a war zone. He wasn’t a soldier on the battlefield. He didn’t die trying to protect our freedoms, which at least would’ve gave his death some honor and valor. He died because greedy, selfish people caring more about possessions than a human being rushed over him. No one stopping, no one slowing down. No one checking to see if he was alright. And when employees came to his aid, they were simply pushed aside.

When the employees told them they had to leave because an employee was dead, all they did was yell that they had been waiting all night and they were going to shop! And so they continued to shop! This is the kind of cold-hearted barbarism liberalism gets you. I have been on this Earth for 38 years and it still astounds me how evil and wicked people can be. I am always flabbergasted by stories such as these because for the life of me I can’t understand such utter disdain for another person’s life. As much as Obama’s policies sicken me I would like to think if I saw him on the floor dying, I would still stop and try to help him. I surely wouldn’t climb over him for a toaster oven! Shame on you New York! You ought to be ashamed of yourself! And they wonder where they get the reputation of being uncaring people. Hmmm I don’t know!


7 thoughts on “Death of a Salesman-A Wal-Mart Tragedy

  1. I Googled “Jdimypai Damour” and your blog came up as a top listing. You were onto something in your first three paragraphs but after that point, you became batshit crazy (quite a pointed and accurate description, imo). And then I saw your categories and realized that you are in fact said description. I hope no one else stumbles upon this blog.

  2. First you got to blame the idol worshiping culture in which we live. We are no different than the Jews of biblical times and while wondering through the wilderness for forty years took it upon themselves to worship the golden calf. Our fixation with money, toys and material goods is definitely a huge part in this tragedy today.
    This strikes a chord… I think you’re correct.

    I am a practising Catholic, who stumbled across your blog while Googling something (another issue, not this one). I usually read blogs like Fr Z’s, but I’ve bookmarked yours… I don’t agree with everything you say, but in almost every post you’ve made this week there’s been a comment like the above that makes me go “hmm…”

    I think we in humanity should reflect more upon the Four Last Things. If we did, events like the trampling to death of this poor man would not happen.

    I’ll keep reading your blog. :)

  3. Thank you, Catholic Mom. I think it is great that you are willing to have an open mind. I live my life by the motto: Take what you like and leave the rest. That sounds like what you are doing. I am glad you don’t agree with everything I say, it shows you have your own mind that is a great thing. It also demonstrates you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

    I think it is awesome I made you stop and ponder some things instead of simply dismissing them because it wasn’t what you wanted to hear. Shows a real maturity I don’t encounter alot these days. You are a sweet woman and I am glad you will be returning. God bless you!

  4. Great to know my posting came up as top posting. Thank you for telling me. As for the rest of the comments, spoken like a true lib. It is great when I am sticking it to corporate America isn’t it? You don’t have a problem with that. But the minute I try to equate the devaluing of life in this country with the liberal idea of abortion and how it easy it is to kill life in this country then you have a problem. Of course the abortion mentality of kill whoever is in your way has no effect on those outside the womb! Right! And I’m Tyra Banks identical twin. The correlation about how we treat those we view as lesser than us has been proven. People who go around torturing and killing small animals eventually work up to human beings. People who can kill their own child (especially those who believe or know they are indeed killing a child) can do anything to anyone. This isn’t craziness. Believing otherwise is crazy. But thank you for stopping by because the avoidance goes both ways.

  5. I thought you might be interested in this article:

    because I was struck by how similar the points in your post above were to this writer’s. It’s a bit long, but here’s a (long) quote from it that might resonate:
    When a society fails to recognize that persons are more important than things, when it loses sight of the primacy of the inviolable dignity of every single human person at every age, every stage and of every size, it soon devolves into a form of practical materialism, worshipping a new golden calf. It uses the language of human rights but has lost its true moral content. When there is no recognition of a preeminent right to life, there will soon be an erosion of the entire structure of human rights. Human rights do not exist in a vacuum; they are goods of the human person. This is why I absolutely insist that to be “Pro-Life” is NOT to be a political Partisan or a “single issue” voter. Rather, it is to be truly human and to recognize that there is a hierarchy of rights. Without acknowledging the preeminent right to life, all derivative rights and the entire infrastructure of human rights is placed in jeopardy. The further legitimate questions and positions of political parties become moot.

  6. Thank you so much for sending me the article. It was great and you are right, our viewpoints were definitely similar. God Bless you Catholic Mom. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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